The 7 ‘Vices’ That Boost Phentermine Weight Loss

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There are some vices which are straight-up bad for you, i.e. mainlining cookie dough or smoking. But, new research-based studies show that some of the habits we’ve long believed bad for us, or at least a little over-indulgent, actually help us lose weight and feel better! So, if you feel that losing weight with phentermine is all about gym workouts and saying no to all your favorite foods, then this list of seven ‘vices’ that are actually good for you should make you feel better about enjoying yourself a whole lot more. And hey, if that means more weight loss then what more excuse do you need to put your feet up and read this right now?!

1) Eat Chocolate

The logic is that chocolate contains fat and sugar, and it tastes great, so it must be bad for you. However, researchers at U.C San Diego found that adults who regularly enjoy this particular vice are actually slimmer than those who ate chocolate less often, regardless of exercise or calorie intake. The researchers backed up these findings with evidence that the stomach-slimming properties of chocolate are actually unlocked in our gut, where good bacteria ferment the cocoa into anti-inflammatory compounds that can ‘turn-off’ genes linked to obesity. And, as if you needed more persuading, eating a little bit of dark chocolate each day has been shown to reduce blood pressure, improve brain function, reduce stress levels and boost mood, helping to counteract some of the side effects of phentermine like low mood and confusion.

It’s best to search for chocolate with at least 74% cocoa for the biggest benefits, and to limit yourself to just a few squares a day since chocolate isn’t totally saintly – everything in moderation and all that.

2) Sleep It Off

Forget feeling guilty for taking that afternoon nap, you weren’t being lazy, you were training! No matter how hard you work out at the gym or how healthy your diet, if you’re skimping on sleep then your weight loss goals will be always be out of your reach. As we explain here, good quality sleep is essential to a healthy body, meaning weight loss will be all the more possible; without enough sleep our hunger hormones are all out of whack and our confused brains send us off searching for easy calories from sugar and fat.

Phentermine can cause insomnia so it’s even more important to get a good pre-sleep routine and take the time to wind down with a book or a bath before you hit the sack.

3) Butter Up

Most of us are on the same page about how healthy fatty acids such as monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are good for you. They can help to reduce belly fat, reduce hunger, and come with a whole host of benefits for a healthier body. Accordingly, most manufacturers break down which types of fats their foods contain so that you can distinguish between saturated fat, MUFAs, and PUFAs when looking at the nutrition label.

However, foods containing saturated fat, such as the ultimate vice, real butter, and other high-fat dairy such as cheese and yogurt, aren’t as bad for us as we once thought. In fact, real grass-fed butter is an excellent source of weight-loss-boosting fatty acids, including butyrate and conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, which is actually sold as a fat-burning supplement. So, by employing a little moderation, you have nothing to fear from fat.

Still, make sure to avoid your number one weight-loss enemy, trans fats. Often found in lower-calorie margarine and those well-known offenders, cakes and cookies, trans fats have been linked to increased belly fat and weight gain. Check the ingredients list to spot whether trans fats are lurking in your food by looking out for the terms ‘hydrogenated’ or ‘partially hydrogenated vegetable oils’ as these indicate a presence of pesky trans fats even if the nutrition facts label reports that it’s trans fat free.



4) Get Some Sexual Healing

Gym workouts and running for miles release a ton of feel good hormones, but a different kind of workout could hold the key to true bliss.

Researchers have found that sex triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, and that this hormone can minimize the release of stress hormones and suppress appetite. Studies analyzing the effect of oxytocin on the body show that this ‘love hormone’ could even reduce belly fat and body weight.

Getting a dose of good loving also burns more calories than walking for the same amount of time, and we know which we’d prefer to do!

Unfortunately, phentermine can cause both increased and decreased libido. However, over the long-term, weight loss has a positive effect on sexual desire! So, even if you’re not feeling very sexually-motivated, within time your desire should increase and along with it, your body image and self-esteem. Indulging in this vice is win-win!

5) Pour The Wine (if you’re not taking phentermine)

Warning: You should always AVOID alcohol while taking phentermine. The drink and drug can interact to create dangerous side effects.

However, if you’re not taking any medication, there’s ample evidence to suggest that a small glass of wine a few times a week could actually aid weight loss. The benefits are due to the chemicals found in grape skins; one compound, ellagic acid, changes the way that ‘fat genes’ express themselves by boosting metabolism and slowing the development of new fat cells.

Further research shows that another ingredient in wine called resveratrol could help to counter some of the negative effects associated with lack of exercise, such as muscle loss and blood sugar sensitivities. However, that’s no excuse to hit the bar instead of the gym!

Still, wine weight is a real thing: the key is to enjoy everything in moderation. Just keep it to a few glasses a week unless you want to undo all the weight loss you’ve achieved through diet and hard work!

6) Cheat

We don’t condone cheating on your partner or on your tax return, but cheating on your diet could hold the key to busting through a weight loss plateau.

A study led by Tel Aviv University found that those who ate a small cookie or cake alongside a hearty but healthy breakfast reported fewer sweet cravings throughout the day. Furthermore, the participants who ate the dessert for breakfast throughout the duration of the study went on to lose an average of 15lbs more than those who stuck to a lighter breakfast without the treat. The researchers reported that it wasn’t the morning dessert itself that made the difference, but rather that they gave the dieters permission to enjoy their favorite foods.

Other studies have previously found that allowing yourself to indulge in your own personal vice earlier in the day leads to a more concentrated effort to stick to your plan for the rest of the day, as well as fewer cravings and feelings of deprivation. So, if you are stuck, maybe it’s because you’re being too good and need to relax a little!

7) Get A Rubdown

Enjoying a massage is more of a luxurious indulgence than a vice exactly, but it’s an indulgence that you should be embracing as part of the healthier and more body-confident you!

A study from Ohio State University showed that women who accept and love their bodies are more likely to have better eating habits, and that getting a massage can help women achieve this acceptance. By allowing themselves to be touched by someone else, women can become more comfortable with their bodies, even if they haven’t reached their ideal weight yet.

If your budget doesn’t include spa services, consider hands-on time with your partner. Women in a 2008 study noted less pain, depression, anxiety, and anger when they were massaged twice a week by their partners, and as an added bonus, their partners reported better mental health too. So, for a great way to combat some of the psychological side effects of phentermine such as low mood and anxiety, plus as a way to reduce stress, you can’t go wrong with a relaxing massage!


Now that you know about “bad” behaviors that actually promote weight loss, what about the “good” foods that really aren’t so healthy?

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Which vice is your particular weakness? Let us know how you’re going to indulge yourself (all in the name of weight loss of course) by commenting below!

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