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What Supplements Should I Take With Phentermine?

General Phentermine Questions?
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Although phentermine is great for weight loss, it can be even more effective you take additional supplements with phentermine. These supplements can vary in how they help you on your weight loss journey, from boosting the appetite-suppressing effects of phentermine, to providing you with extra energy, and from minimizing side effects, giving your body an overall health boost for a healthier, fitter you. The great news is that these supplements, all specifically designed to help you make your weight loss journey with phentermine an even greater success, are all now available!

Phen Caps

While some people find that phentermine gives them a huge energy boosts and leaves them with a greatly reduced appetite, others can be disappointed with the results and will need something to give themselves and their phentermine prescription an extra boost, which is where Phen Caps can help! Phen Caps, available since April 2013, are the leading alternative to phentermine, but as well as offering a great alternative, Phen Caps can also be taken alongside your phentermine prescription to help boost the effects if you feel that phentermine isn’t providing you with the effects that you’d hoped for.  Like phentermine, Phen Caps are designed to help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and boosting your energy levels, making it easier for you to focus on eating healthily without battling cravings and hunger, while also motivating you to add more activity to your day and adopt great new healthy habits. However, since Phen Caps don’t contain phentermine, they provide these effects through the combination of different ingredients and have no known side effects, meaning that you’ll get a boost to your phentermine prescription without the possibility of additional side effects.

Many people also take Phen Caps while they’re on their break from phentermine, which is typically recommended after around three months of taking the medication, or indeed once their phentermine prescription has finished, as often people still have weight to lose but are unable to obtain more phentermine on prescription. Since Phen Caps don’t require a prescription, they can be taken for as long as necessary for you to reach your goal weight and start maintaining your goal weight, or even throughout the initial period of maintenance as you get used to this stage in your weight loss journey.

Phen Drink

Although phentermine is an effective weight loss medication, many of those who take it also suffer with negative side effects as a result, of which, suffering from a very dry mouth is probably the most common.  This occurs as your body’s reaction to the stimulants in phentermine and can be very difficult and uncomfortable to cope with at times, with some sufferers experiencing this side effect particularly severely. While drinking water can help to ease the dry mouth side effect and quench what can seem like an insatiable thirst, it doesn’t actually solve the problem, which is a lack of saliva. As a solution, the product Phen Drink has just been released onto the market. Phen Drink is a soluble powder which is added to drinking water to increase saliva flow and stop the dry mouth side effect. Phen Drink comes in portable, easy-open stick packs which are added to water to give a great flavor while helping sufferers cope with dry mouth, and topped off with a great green tea flavor!

In addition to helping to ease the dry mouth side effect, Phen Drink also assists you on your weight loss journey in other ways. Firstly, we all know how we should be drinking lots of water to ensure that we’re not mistaking thirst for hunger and also to keep our metabolism and energy levels up, but sometimes drinking plain water all day every day can get a little boring. So, adding Phen Drink with its fresh green tea flavor can revive your interest in water, add some variety to your healthy routine, and perhaps even more importantly, make it less tempting to reach for a sugar-loaded soda. As Phen Drink is carb-free and calorie-free, it’s the ideal way to get a great-tasting drink that hydrates like water without added calories or carbs. What’s more, Phen Drink also contains ingredients which actually help to boost your weight loss potential by increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite, meaning that with the help of Phen Drink, your eight glasses of water a day will be working even harder to help you succeed on your weight loss journey!

Phen Vites

In addition to coping with the side effects of phentermine, adapting to healthy eating habits, embarking on an exercise routine for what may be the first time ever, and losing weight as a result, can all be hard on you and your body. In the long term you’ll be rewarded with better health, a better body and a new outlook on life, but getting there can be tough. The brand new product, Phen Vites, aims to solve this problem. Phen Vites are the only vitamin supplement you’ll need to help you on your weight loss journey to success. Specifically targeted at those trying to lose weight, Phen Vites are designed to help restore balance, give you all the essential vitamins and minerals you need (and may be lacking), as well as crucial nutrients to boost weight loss, including 5HTP, vitamin B12, Chromium, and many more.

Phen Vites will help you to feel great while you lose weight, balance your energy levels and lift your mood, and they also taste great too with their fresh minty flavor. If you’re taking phentermine then this is even more crucial, as the side effects can also include imbalances in the body, disrupted sleeping patterns and anxiety, so it’s important to restore balance and provide your body with the nutrients it may be lacking as a result of these symptoms. Phen Vites also contain ingredients which help to boost appetite suppression when taken alongside phentermine or weight loss supplements like Phen Caps, meaning that Phen Vites offer you the help you need to continue losing weight while ensuring that you’re giving your body what it needs to succeed.

phentermine products

The Phen Range: A Triple Weight Loss Boost

In much the same way as diet and exercise work best together to help you to lose weight with phentermine, the Phen range of Phen Caps, Phen Drink and Phen Vites also work best when taken together, alongside your phentermine prescription. This is because the specific ingredients in each product complement each other and give your weight loss potential a triple boost! Phen Caps help you lose weight by boosting the effectiveness of phentermine, providing you with extra energy and adding to the appetite-suppressing effects. But with phentermine, the side effects can be hard on the body, so the added nutrient boost of Phen Vites can really help you restore the balance your body’s needs.

In addition, Phen Drink will solve the problem of dry mouth and make your weight loss journey much easier with fewer side effects to deal with. Drinking water is an essential part of a healthy routine and can really help to increase your weight loss potential, so with the great taste of Phen Drink, plus the added appetite suppression and energy boost it provides, you’ll get even more out of your eight glasses a day. And, although Phen Vites are the only vitamins you’ll need to lose weight, even if you’re doing it alone with no weight loss supplements or medications, they work best when combined with phentermine or weight loss supplements like Phen Caps, as specific ingredients in Phen Vites boost the effectiveness of the appetite suppressing qualities of these products.

While you may find many supplements which promise weight loss, the Phen Range of Phen Caps, Phen Drink and Phen Vites are the only supplements which have been specifically designed to help those taking phentermine. So, if you’re taking phentermine and feel that your prescription needs a boost, or struggling to cope with dry mouth, or finding your weight loss journey tough on you and your body, then look no further than the Phen Range to solve these problems and help you find the path to success on your weight loss journey!

Do you have any questions or comments about the new Phen product range? If so, please comment below!


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13 Responses

  1. Where can I get the phen caps ,drink mix and vitamin’s do they have to be prescribed….

    • Hi there Vanessa, Thanks for the comment!

      No, all three products in the Phen Range are non-prescription, so you can order them easily online! 🙂 Just click the titles/links below:

      Phen Caps

      Phen Vites

      Phen Drink

      I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions or comments, have a great day!


    • Hi there Vanessa, Thanks for the comment 🙂

      No, they do not need to be prescribed and can be found online easily at this link here.

      I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


  2. I’m using phentermine but I need am extra boost. Can I take all 3 phen products at the same time with phentermine.

    • Hi there Cathy, Thanks for the comment!

      Yes, you certainly can, that’s what they are meant for 🙂 Phen Caps helps boost the results of phentermine (and can be taken after your script ends to maintain and help you lose more weight), Phen Drink helps with the side effect of dry mouth and to boost your metabolism and Phen Vites help to restore your body with crucial vitamins and minerals so your body feels the best possible and in turn, you lose more weight. You can purchase all of these products by clicking here.

      I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions, I am happy to help! 🙂


  3. Hi, this is my second month taking phentermine and so far is been good, just wanted to know if I can take BCAA while on it? I’m working out and I heard that taking BCAAs will help you tone faster… is it safe to take it while on Phen?

    • Hi Sandra,
      It’s best to ask your doctor about combining anything with phentermine – he or she will be in a better position to know your medical history and other factors which would indicate whether it is safe or not.

  4. Since I have to take 3 phenvites a day, can I spread it out or need to take all 3 at once?

    • Hi Debbie,
      Whichever you find easier. Most people prefer to take them all first thing so that they don’t forgot, while others prefer to take one with a meal.

  5. I was wondering when the phen vites and phen drink will be back up for purchase ?

    • Hi Brandi, have confirmed to us that their production center is in the process of manufacturing a new batch of Phen Vites and Phen Drink so these should be available on the site very soon.

  6. Hi,

    Any word on when the phen vites and phen drink will be ready for purchase? I can’t find them anywhere…


    • Hi Blake,
      According to, they have decided to discontinue the Phen Drink. They intend to make a product similar to Phen Vites in the future, probably with a different name, but similar in terms of being a multivitamin targeted at helping with weight loss too. For updates you can sign up on their site:

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