Smells YUMMY? Bigger TUMMY!

Smells YUMMY? Bigger TUMMY!

Remember good ‘ole Toucan Sam and his cheery invitation to ‘follow his nose’?


Yeahhhh, maybe take a hard pass on that. UC Berkeley scientists have published some distressing news on weight gain and our sense of smell. According to their studies, just smelling that delicious pie baking in the oven might make you gain weight!


In a nutshell: our sense of smell might play an important part in how our body deals with calories. Whaaaaaattt?!?!

“This paper is one of the first studies that really shows if we manipulate olfactory inputs we can actually alter how the brain perceives energy balance, and how the brain regulates energy balance,” said Céline Riera, one of the researchers. Translation: your sense of smell can affect how your mind deals with the fuel your body needs to function, and how it gets used or stored.


The study used two groups of mice, identical except that one group had their sense of smell ‘knocked out’ for the duration of the experiments. Dr. Riera noted that mice, like humans, are more sensitive to smells when they’re hungry. The wonky-nosed mice ate as much as the ‘normal’ group and gained, at most, 10 percent more weight. The mice with functioning sense of smell? They gained 100 percent of their normal weight!


While more studies need to take place to see the connections between our sensory systems and our metabolism, it would be wise to avoid smelling delicious foods or pastries our body doesn’t need while we’re on our weight loss journey, because we -really- don’t need that temptation anyways!


In the meanwhile, get your nose and body in gear and follow these tips for a good family workout! After all, the more you focus, the closer you are to becoming a motivational phentermine success story! 

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