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Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Less

Interested in maximizing your fat loss?  Without a doubt one of the biggest steps for anyone looking to experience weight loss with their diet will be learning to control portion sizes.  In today’s food industry, portion sizes are off the radar.  The dish you’re served up when you eat in a restaurant often contains three to four times the amount of food that you should be eating regularly.

Likewise, many of us are generously dishing up seconds and sometimes even thirds when eating in our own home.  If the truth was told often it’s more how much food we’re eating that’s the problem rather than what we’re eating in the first place.

By getting your portion sizes under control immediately you can significantly boost your overall rate of weight loss.

Let’s look at a few simple tricks that you should consider following to really up your progress.

Fill Your Plate Full Of Vegetables 

One of the best strategies for not necessarily eating a whole lot less but definitely eating fewer calories is to make sure that you fill your plate up with as many vegetables as possible.  Vegetables contain a very high level of fiber per serving yet don’t offer hardly any calories at all.

One or two cups of steamed vegetables added to your plate may only add up to 40-50 calories max, which hardly puts a dent in your daily total.

Just do be sure that these vegetables are prepared using lower fat, lower calorie cooking methods or you’ll still be running into the same issue as before.

Eat Protein Rich First 

Second, another great strategy to help you eat less at your meals is to consume your protein rich foods first.  These are going to help fill you up quickly and prevent a blood sugar spike that will just prompt you to eat more food.

Protein rich foods include chicken breast, turkey, fish, eggs, or lean red meat.  Each meal you consume should have one of these sources in place.

Drink One Glass Of Water 30 Minutes Before A Meal 

The third quick trick to use is to drink a full glass of cold water about thirty minutes before you sit down for the meal.  This will help to make sure you’re not eating because of dehydration, which is another common thing that sometimes occurs for some people.

Those who regularly drink a full glass of water before their meal typically do notice that they eat fewer calories over the course of the day therefore really speeding up their rate of fat loss.

Use Smaller Plates 

Finally, silly as it may sound, sometimes the size of your plate is the biggest influencer over how many calories you consume.  If you start using smaller plates with each of your meals, you’ll naturally dish up less than you otherwise would and may think twice about going in for seconds.

Even still, two smaller plates of food will equate to fewer calories than two larger plates of food, so you’ll still be further ahead.

So there are some really simple, yet highly effect tips to keep in mind to help you consume fewer calories with each meal you eat.

If you’re still struggling to get that hunger and appetite under control however, be sure you consider supplementing with Phentermine, which will quickly help you out with this issue.

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  1. I have been takeing phentermine 37.5 for a wile but I still like to eat I need help really bad I weight 273 pounds now and I’m 5’5

    1. i like to eat to and i just started taking phentermine 37.5 and what i have learned is if you drink more water than anything u will be filled up on water just lower your portions down and eat healthier and fiber is a really good thing to eat like oatmeal for breakfast and plenty of veggies like steamed broccoli its just change and once u take the pill give yourself about 15 – 30 mins and get up and start moving that helped me with energy and it will work hope this helped 🙂

  2. Phentermine, definitively helps, keeps your level of energy high and desire for food low, how ever, dieting is a consequence of the dream to look better and be healthier. Stay away from fast food buffets, mom’s food, alcohol. Once you reach the 3rd week start exercising to keep body in shape but not to burn calories. The more you work out the more anxiety for food you’ll get.
    Eat also 8 times a day. Vegetable smoothies, cheese, lean meats, eggs, fruit, and as much water you can have.
    I went from 238 to 178, I increased my self confidence, gained 300% sex drive, ability to work, stop depression..
    Take phentermine for a while and keep being healthy, food is delicious but life is just one. When out with your wife or partner, one meal is more than enough for two and a doggie bag should be request instead of desert.
    Keep it simple folks.

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    Keep it up <

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