Phentermine still number 1 pill against obesity

Phentermine: Still The No. 1 Diet Pill After 50 Years

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This year Phentermine celebrates its 50th year. Since it was approved in 1959 by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) it has grown to be the most commonly prescribed appetite suppressant and has helped millions of people rid themselves of their unhealthy excess pounds. The pharmaceutical industry is yet to develop any other drug that competes with the success of phentermine.


As obesity rates soar, the weight loss market, already worth billions of dollars, continues to expand. Over the years pharmaceutical companies have invested heavily in research and development in an attempt to create alternative weight loss products, but nothing so far has proved to be as safe, affordable and effective.


Forty years later in 1999, Xenical® came to the market. Prescribed for obese patients, Xenical® works by blocking absorption of dietary fats. It is recognized as safe, although only moderately effective. Its greatest drawback is that many consider the side effects, which include flatulence, diarrhea and possible loss of bowel control, too unpleasant for too few results. In 2007 the first over the counter drug Alli®, was made available across the USA. Alli® is simply a lower dosage version of Xenical® and unfortunately suffers from the same problems of effectiveness and side effects. Most recently in June 2007 the high hopes, and sales projections, for the weight loss drug Acomplia® fell flat when a federal advisory panel refused to approve it on the grounds that it may cause severe depression.


50 years on and Phentermine is more relevant than ever, as we as a nation battle against the highest levels of obesity America has ever known. As technology has impacted what we eat and physical activity levels over the past 5 decades, it has also presented new tools to help us combat our unhealthy habits., created in 1999, brought phentermine into the 21st century. is an online 24/7 resource that is not only rich in information about phentermine but also unites over 50,000 people who belong to its active forum. Full of real life success stories the forum is where support and advice is shared daily on how to best achieve weight loss and is testament to the effectiveness of phentermine.

With phentermine’s long standing success rate, more support and information available to patients than ever before and no promising weight loss drugs in the pipeline, phentermine looks set to hold the top spot for some time to come.


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