Is Phentermine A Miracle Pill?

Is Phentermine A Miracle Pill?

Since it was first approved by the FDA in 1959, phentermine has helped millions of people lose weight, and for this reason, it’s still the most widely prescribed weight loss medication in the US.

However, it is classified as the short-term management of obesity, which is why recommendations state that it should only be prescribed for a limited period of time.

Phentermine isn’t forever, so it’s important not to expect miracles from your phentermine prescription; the real changes happen due to your hard work.  Is phentermine a miracle pill?

Here we explain what to expect from your phentermine prescription and how it’s important to change your lifestyle long-term, which isn’t something a pill can do – not even phentermine.

How Phentermine Helps You Lose Weight

Phentermine is only available on prescription due to being classified as a controlled substance, recognized as having a structure similar to amphetamine.

Like amphetamine, phentermine acts on the central nervous system to stimulate the release of neurons in our brain, including dopamine, epinephrine (adrenalin), and norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

This causes phentermine to increase alertness and energy levels, reduce hunger and minimize cravings.

By helping to minimize appetite, phentermine encourages you to establish a healthier diet; with reduced cravings and less hunger, you will be able to concentrate on eating better and learning how to feel full while eating fewer calories by loading up on protein, fiber, and lots of fruit and veggies.

Additionally, with the extra energy that phentermine gives due to its stimulant properties, you’ll feel more motivated and better able to begin exercising, establishing a daily activity routine to continue in the long term.

Many people mistakenly think that phentermine alone helps them lose weight, and while it’s true that the release of epinephrine can help to break down fat, the principle function of phentermine is to act as a tool to enable weight loss by encouraging healthy behavior in the patient; namely, to eat better and to do more exercise.

This is no different from how anyone would attempt to lose weight, but just with the added boost from phentermine to kick-start this healthy behavior.

Phentermine isn’t a miracle pill any more than it is cheating to lose weight; it’s a tool to help patients establish a healthy routine to lose weight and is especially helpful for those who have tried and failed to lose weight without the added support of a weight loss medication.

Phentermine enables those taking it to regain control over their relationship with food and provides them with the focus and energy necessary to embark on what can be a long journey to their goal weight.

And Then What?

And Then What?

Due to the addictive properties of phentermine and the side effects, it can cause, phentermine can only be prescribed for a limited period of time.

As phentermine can’t be taken forever, with a short amount of time to lose a substantial amount of weight, it is common that the patient will need to continue to lose weight after the prescription has ended.

One of the problems with phentermine being prescribed for a limited period is that patients feel that they need to rush their weight loss and shed as much as possible while their prescription lasts.

While attempting to lose weight quickly can result in short-term success, ultimately, this leads to long-term failure. Drastically reducing calorie intake, resorting to fad diets, or obsessively exercising cannot be maintained in the long term.

So patients who resort to these methods while taking phentermine will find it difficult, if not impossible, to sustain their losses without the added help from phentermine, meaning that weight gain will occur once the phentermine prescription finishes.

Experts consistently recommend slow and steady weight loss; it is only possible to lose around one to two pounds of fat per week, so losing any more than this may signify that you are losing precious lean muscle, which is what your body needs in order to continue losing weight and to keep it off for good.

With a healthy lifestyle involving eating well and combining cardio with weight-bearing exercises, you will lose fat and build muscle, slimming down while you tone up.


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By making gradual changes to lose weight in this slow and steady way, your losses are much easier to sustain in the long term, including when your phentermine prescription ends. 

A great way to continue your healthy routine is to use a weight loss supplement such as Phen Caps to manage the end of your phentermine prescription.

Like phentermine, Phen Caps suppress appetite, reduce cravings, and increase energy, meaning that you can continue to lose weight and successfully achieve your weight loss goals following the end of your phentermine prescription.

Unlike phentermine, Phen Caps are not addictive and have no known side effects, meaning that you can take them for as long as you need to reach your goals and even while you are maintaining once you come to the end of your weight loss journey.

So, in short, phentermine isn’t a miracle pill, but with hard work and the right attitude, it can be just what you need to help you take that first step towards success on your weight loss journey.

Phentermine gives those who take it a kick-start by suppressing appetite and increasing energy levels, but the rest is up to you, and as with anything in life, great results come from hard work!

What’s your opinion and experience with phentermine? Let us know by commenting below!

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