5 Weird & Wacky Apps for Phentermine Users

Wonderful World of Weird, Wacky Apps

Summer’s right around the corner, and you know what that means, fellow phentermine users: outdoor activities (whether you want to or not!).

So, in preparation for that, make sure you have everything you might need: water bottles, comfy shoes, and…appropriate apps?!

Yup, we live in an age where it’s almost impossible to be far from our phone—it’s use has evolved from allowing you to make calls on the go to being your personal organizer, news source, and mobile entertainment center…a big part of that is the presence of apps, and there are many that can a big help for your weight loss journey.

But for every good app out there…well…let’s just say there’s some really questionable choices available. We picked a few odd little gems—would you use them? Funny or weird? Take a look and be the judge!

1. Lick the Icicle:

Oh no! An icicle! We have to melt it to nothing, using…our…tongues?! In case you were wondering, this is a great app…to get yourself infected by the millions of bacteria living on your smartphone. As if phentermine users hadn’t enough to deal with, like dry mouth. (Luckily, there IS a Dry Mouth Remedies app!).


2. Mood Tracker:

Find yourself losing your temper with those you love? ‘Phen Rage’ bringing you down and creating wedges with those around you? Well, this app might help! Sounds weird, but it’s true: Mood Tracker tracks your emotional state throughout the day by monitoring various items that end up affecting you, like sleep, exercise, menstrual cycles, stress, and stimulants!


3. Bowel Mover:

Bowel Mover tracks…well…your bowel movements. You can monitor categories such as bowel movements, texture, your water intake, gluten, stress and others. While a lot of people out there laugh it up when this app is mentioned, for those suffering of IBS or other gastro disorders, this app can sure come in handy! And if you’re having problems with constipation issues, dear phentermine users, well…


4. iNap@Work:

Ughhh. You haven’t been sleeping as much as you want; phentermine has messed up your naps quite a bit.  You’re dying for a little shut-eye but you’re afraid of what your coworkers might think? Ta-dá! Enter iNap@Work! It simulates ‘working’ sounds like keyboard strokes and even ‘stapling’ so you can take some much-deserved shut-eye for a bit! Or maybe not. (Phentermine.com does not condone slacking off at work… So use at your own risk!)


5. CARROT Hunger:

Part of the CARROT series of apps (starring CARROT, a tyrannical, sarcastic artificial intelligence), this ‘judgmental calorie app’ has gotten rave reviews from users. Instead of the kinder, nicer weight loss apps out there, CARROT Hunger chastises, threatens and embarrasses you for breaking your regime or daily intake…but it also includes a ‘bribe’ option where you pay CARROT to look the other way. If you can take the insults and terror this mini-tyrant will impose on your calorie quest, you’ll find a great, funny ally for your weight loss journey.

Angry Carrot

There’s weirder things out there, but thankfully, there’s also great, helpful weight loss apps that will definitely help you reach those weight loss goals! Give them a try and tell us about your experience in our Facebook support group!

Download and get ready: summer is coming!

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