Phentastic Guide to New Year’s Resolutions!

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Time to say ‘bye-bye’ to 2017 and embrace the coming year filled with hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. Part of that ‘better tomorrow’ involves changing ourselves or our lives, and that’s where resolutions come into play. So, to make of 2018 the BEST YEAR EVER, here’s some New Year’s Resolutions you could be inspired by:


Scale the Everest

Yeah. That’s right. The Big Daddy of physical accomplishments. In fact, you might need to beef up your exercise routine just to prepare for this one. So train hard, gear up and set forth… and don’t forget to take a selfie at the top!

What's behind the mask?

Professional Wrestling

Yup. 2018 is the year of the death-defying, spinning pile-driver. Hopefully, you won’t be on the receiving end. Think about it: you’ll definitely be a hit at parties! Not into wrestling or wearing flashy masks? Then how about some other physical activity to go along with your weight loss journey? Here are some pointers on getting back to exercising after an injury (so maybe go easy on the death-defying, spinning pile-driver.)

The Prez

Run for office

The ultimate bragging rights will be yours if you are elected for office! And now anyone can do it, so start getting chummy with your fellow citizens and pave your way for a landslide vote in 2020! Or you could also practice on a smaller scale first. President of the PTA? Or your local sports, hobby or civil society association. Lead by example!


Global Thrill-Seeking!

Death-defying Everest visits are too pedestrian for you? How about exploring the globe, seeking thrills in the weirdest places? Get out of your comfort zone and go forth and conquer (and try not to die)!  At the very least, your (mis)adventures will make for a good story or two for your next social gathering. So start downloading some translation apps! (Speaking of which, here’s some extremely useful apps for your phentermine weight loss journey!)

Viral Toddler BBC

Create the Next Viral Sensation

Your family or coworkers might know you’re super funny… now it’s time for the rest of the world to discover your wit! It’s time for you to become an internet sensation and be immortalized for all time (or a couple of days) through a viral video! Not a comedian? Well, how about singing? Painting? Sculpting? Any parlor tricks? Or…tell others of your phentermine weight loss journey. Inspire AND entertain!

So you’ve probably noticed that our New Years Resolutions are a bit exaggerated. Maybe even unattainable. That happens with some of our more grounded resolution ideas too! To make 2018 a really great and gratifying year, set realistic goals that can be measured and don’t involve Earth-shattering changes to your daily life or routine. Take a look at some of our suggestions on embarking on a workout routine, and the best time to do so! 2018 is surely to be a great year, and a lot of that falls on you: your hard work and your realistic goals you can enjoy achieving!

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