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Phen Caps Offers Worldwide Weight Loss Opportunity!

Phen Caps are now available all over the world for those who want to lose weight effectively, as a complement to phentermine, or on its own. Phen Caps have just recently launched in April 2013, growing rapidly popular among those trying to lose weight in the USA. The purpose of Phen Caps, is for them to be taken either with prescription phentermine for an extra boost in your weight loss, or can be taken on their own as an effective phentermine alternative. Phen Caps help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite, cravings and increasing energy, while having no side effects, are non-prescription, and can be bought online legally.

So far, Phen Caps have only been sold in the USA, as they are made in New York for Careworld LLC, an American, Miami-based company. The main motivation for creating the product was the need for an alternative to the prescription weight loss drug, phentermine. The phentermine weight loss market in the USA (and worldwide) is very saturated with imitation products that are not actually phentermine, nor are they effective. Phen Caps have made it clear they are an alternative to the prescription drug, using 9 innovating and unique ingredients that have a large impact on your overall weight loss regime.

Careworld LLC also identified not only how difficult it can be for people in the USA to get phentermine, or an effective weight loss supplement in general, but how difficult it was for people worldwide to get a supplement that will really help them lose weight. South America, Europe and Australia, specifically, have expressed this need and for that reason, Careworld decided to make the Phen Caps product available worldwide, so everyone has an equal chance to lose weight and live a healthy life.

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For customers outside of the USA they offer two very affordable shipping options, Priority or Express. The price of your shipping depends on which package you order (1 bottle, 3 bottles or 6 bottles) and where you are located in the world. Once this is determined, you will be given the option of Priority or Express.

Losing weight is a struggle for people all over the world, and for that reason, there should be supplements available that works effectively. Careworld has taken that step forward in order to make this a reality, which not only shows their belief in the product, but that they genuinely care about the people who need it. If you are taking prescription phentermine and want an extra boost in your weight loss, or are looking for an effective diet supplement that is available worldwide, it is highly recommended you find out more about their product.

Visit for detailed information about the product, an informative blog and to purchase directly from their website.

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