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Phentermine Side Effects: Losing Weight, But Not Feeling Great?

We all know that trying to lose weight by exercising and following a healthier diet is beneficial to our health, but even when we’re experiencing success on our weight loss journeys, it’s not uncommon to feel less than your best while you’re on the way to better health. Coping with phentermine side effects, eating healthier, beginning to exercise for what may be the first time ever, and losing weight as a result can all be tough on you and your body. So, far from wanting to dissuade you from continuing your journey, we’re here to offer some explanations as to why you may not be feeling like yourself, and some solutions to help you get back to feeling better on your weight loss journey with phentermine.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Before we even take phentermine and the reactions it causes within the brain and body into consideration, changing your diet from one that is largely made up of highly-addictive processed foods full of sugar, fat and salt, to a healthier, cleaner diet can produce withdrawal symptoms not unlike those experienced by people who give up certain vices like smoking or caffeine. Your liver is more than capable of handling any kinds of foods that you eat so there’s no need to follow a ‘cleanse’ by drinking the cleanse drinks on the market, just getting more vegetables on your plate and less ready-made meals, processed carbs and saturated fats is enough to start making real improvements to your body and its functioning. However, breaking any kind of bad habit is hard, and when it comes to eating it’s likely to have been a well-established habit spanning many years of your life. Your body’s natural reaction is to want more of what it is used to in order to feel like it used to feel, and the outcome is symptoms such as headaches, nausea, cravings and stomach problems. Fortunately these symptoms generally last no more than a few days and will pass once your body becomes more accustomed to eating natural, fewer processed foods.

If you’re yet to begin your phentermine prescription, one suggestion would be to begin eating healthier before you start taking phentermine. That way, you can establish a healthy eating routine and pass through any potential withdrawal symptoms without having to also deal with phentermine side effects at the same time. However, we would recommend that you combine this first stage of healthier eating with Phen Vites, a weight-loss boosting multivitamin, which will ensure that you are not lacking in any crucial vitamins and minerals as you make the transition into eating healthier and losing weight.


The most common side effects of phentermine are similar to those associated with other stimulants, from caffeine to amphetamine, including restlessness and insomnia. Phentermine can lead to insomnia due to the way it excites activity and causes over-stimulation in the central nervous system, which then makes it difficult for the brain to ‘switch off’, often despite feelings of tiredness. Insomnia can obviously be very frustrating and difficult to cope with, particularly as you are likely to need more sleep as a result of dietary changes and undertaking more activity. This then causes you to experience more profound tiredness during the day, which also has the added problem of making you more susceptible to overeating, cravings and losing focus and motivation. The good news is that these symptoms should pass within several days of beginning your phentermine prescription, but if this side effect continues then you should consult your doctor to enquire about the possibility of a lower dose, or to see if he or she has advice for how you can help to minimize this problem. Some suggestions would be to take your phentermine earlier in the day, make sure to expel the additional energy phentermine gives you by adding more activity into your day, and to take time to disconnect in the evening rather than looking at a computer screen or watching television.

losing weight

Fatigue & Lack of Energy

Fatigue can come as a result of insomnia or following a period of over-stimulation, however, adverse effects of phentermine also include drowsiness, fatigue, and reduced energy levels, as discussed on the Phentermine.com support group on Facebook, which can occur alongside or instead of symptoms such as insomnia. These reactions, whereby a stimulant causes fatigue and sleepiness without an energy boost are called paradoxical reactions, which follow a mechanism that is not completely understood even by researchers and medical experts, but are much more common than people realize. One theory is that, since phentermine stimulates several receptors, including serotonin, it can cause feelings of tiredness and fatigue as serotonin is released as the body’s way of regulating sleep. Alternatively, it may be that the pre-existing balance or imbalance of chemicals in the brain on a particular day are the trigger for what effects the phentermine will have on that particular patient, in the sense that it may correct an imbalance or over-stimulate a certain chemical, leading to somewhat unpredictable reactions. This also indicates that you may not always have this reaction to phentermine and that this side effect may be passing, as with many phentermine side effects.

However, if you’re feeling fatigued or lacking in energy while taking phentermine and the problem persists, you should consult your doctor as it may be that you have an undiagnosed medical condition such as thyroid problems or PCOS. It could, however, be something as simple as a vitamin deficiency; for example, low levels of magnesium can cause tiredness, as can insufficient levels of vitamin C. To counteract these problems with fatigue while also ensuring that you are getting the right amount of crucial nutrients, and simultaneously giving yourself a great weight-loss boost, we recommend that you take Phen Vites, the only multivitamin you’ll need if you’re serious about losing weight. These contain a multitude of essential vitamins and minerals for good health and more effective weight loss as well as nutrients specifically given to phentermine users to boost their loses, such as 5-HTP and vitamin B12.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is one of the most common side effects of phentermine, reported as a side effect by 74% of over 1,200 users in a user poll. Rather than just extreme thirst, it can involve soreness of the tongue and throat, ulcers, and sore gums. While maintaining good oral health and constantly drinking water can help to ease the dry mouth side effect and quench what can seem like an insatiable thirst, it doesn’t actually solve the problem, which is a lack of saliva. As a solution to this symptom, we recommend Phen Drink , a soluble powder which is added to drinking water to increase saliva flow and stop the dry mouth side effect. Phen Drink comes in portable, easy-open stick packs which are added to water to give a great flavor while helping sufferers cope with dry mouth. What’s more, Phen Drink also contains ingredients which actually help to boost your weight loss potential by increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite, meaning that with the help of Phen Drink, your eight glasses of water a day will be working even harder to help you succeed on your weight loss journey.

Mood Swings & Depression

In addition to the more physical side effects that occur as a reaction to phentermine, there can also be some psychological side effects. Some of the side effects reported by users in phentermine.com support group on Facebook include sadness and mood swings. The consensus is that, as a stimulant, phentermine stimulates your metabolism and energy levels, but that it also tends to stimulate and magnify your feelings, amplifying your normal reactions to situations into extreme feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger, etc. Activities such as yoga, meditation, or just taking some time to relax can really help with these side effects, as can talking your problems through with people close to you, or interacting with others in a similar situation in the Facebook support group. It’s also important to ensure that you’re eating a balanced diet and benefitting from natural mood-boosters such as oily fish, selenium-rich Brazil nuts, asparagus and eggs. Vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to a low mood, particularly if you’re lacking in vitamin B12 and folate, which can both be found in Phen Vites, alongside many other great weight-loss boosting nutrients.

Despite some of the negative side effects you may experience as a result of taking phentermine and aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle, the health boost you will experience as a result of losing weight and getting healthy is always worth it. But, by making sure you’re getting enough nutrients, taking time out to relax, and establishing a healthy routine with enough time for sleeping, exercising and having fun, you should be able to triumph over these side effects and make your way to weight loss success while feeling great.  However, if you do find that you are unable to manage with the side effects of phentermine or if your doctor decides they’re not suitable for you, then Phen Caps offer a great solution. Phen Caps are a phentermine alternative which help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and boosting your energy levels, but which don’t have any side effects.

So, how are you feeling? If you’re losing weight but not feeling great, let us know as we’d love to hear from you.

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