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A key element to achieving weight loss success is having great support, but while your friends and family will have your best interests at heart, they may not always understand exactly what you’re going through. Some people are lucky enough to have a weight loss buddy, which is a great way to share ideas, advice and motivation, but for those of you who feel a little alone as you make your way along your weight loss journey, weight loss forums provide the perfect solution. is the largest online community for people losing weight with phentermine and has over 1 million threads, making it the very best place online for weight loss support. Not convinced? Read on and let me convice you…

The Forum

The weight loss forum is constantly being updated, with new threads, posts, questions and introductions being made all the time. But what sets this forum apart from others, is that it’s specifically for you. So whether you’re on your weight loss journey with phentermine or a phentermine alternative, such as Phen Caps, you can be sure that there are people on the forum who know exactly what you’re going through and are there for you with advice, support, information and experiences to share.  Here are some of the great reasons why is the best source of weight loss support for you:

No Judgment

Unfortunately, the users of many weight loss forums have a negative opinion of weight loss medications and of the people who take them, meaning they can sometimes be judgmental when dieters ask for advice about taking weight loss supplements and medications. The forum on is unique, as all of the users of the forum have experience of or interest in using weight loss medications or supplements to help them on their weight loss journey. The forum is extremely welcoming to new members with all types of questions and experiences, and there is no judgment passed on the forum for the choices you make, as discussed here.

Sharing Experiences

Many people who take phentermine or supplements such as Phen Caps don’t know anyone else taking the same medication or supplements, and so when they have questions or experiences they want to share, they do so by using the forum. Phentermine users often want to be reassured that their experiences are similar to those of other users, and want to know things such as how much weight they should be losing or whether the side effects they have are typical or not, as discussed on this thread here. The forum users are very understanding and willing to share their own experiences, meaning that newer users are able to learn from them and are free to ask questions without fear of being judged.

Updates and Progress

Many users of the forum enjoy reading the posts and blogs left by other users who like to report their experiences and progress. These posts help the people making them to be accountable for their actions and review their progress, and also help newer users by showing how people taking phentermine feel, the types of changes they make to their lifestyle, and what results they achieve over a period of time. One such progress report thread can be seen here, here, where a male phentermine user shares his experiences of his first few weeks taking phentermine, which has proven to be of interest to many people either taking or considering taking phentermine, as shown by the number of views the thread has received.

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Support and Advice

Although the forum revolves around the discussion of phentermine and phentermine supplements, many threads show users offering each other support and understanding in many different areas of their lives, which ranges from sharing recipes, to giving advice about medical issues, to offering relationship advice and support, as shown on this widely viewed thread here.


Many people use the forum to find out information surrounding phentermine, such as where to get it from and whether other forum users know of a phentermine doctor in a certain state of the US or in another country, trusting each other to provide good up-to-date information based on personal experience.  Phentermine users also share information that they have learned about phentermine and the different brands and manufacturers, as shown on this thread here.


Many phentermine users want to hear feedback from other users in order to know if they are experiencing the same things, such as the same side effects, the same level of appetite suppression, or the same energy boosting effects, as dealt with in this poll here, which allows forum users to vote for the answer closest to their own experience and then discuss the subject with other users.


Many forum users recognize that those on weight loss journeys respond well to motivation and encouragement, and that a group challenge or joint weigh-in day is a great way to inspire and motivate each other, whilst also helping them stay accountable by having to report their progress each week. These challenge threads have proven to be very popular and inspiring for all the people who have joined, helping them focus on their weight-loss goals. Check out the latest posts here to join the conversation!

Losing weight truly is a journey, and doing it solo is neither fun nor motivating. You have the power, the knowledge, and we have the tools (and now you do, too!). So, what are you waiting for? Check out the forum now here and start sharing!!


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