keep the weight off after summer

Keep The Weight Off After Summer With Phentermine

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Warm weather, skimpier clothing and an abundance of fresh and healthy foods are often enough to inspire us to shed the pounds in summer. However, once the nights start drawing in, salads get swapped for comfort food and workouts are missed in favor of staying in the warm. But it doesn’t have to be that way this year; with the help of phentermine and these great tips, you can keep the weight off after summer!

1. Keep Up Good Habits

Look at the behaviors and good habits that contributed to your weight loss during the summer. Be very specific about these helpful habits and find ways to continue them throughout the colder months. For example, if you found yourself happily munching on cherries instead of high calorie desserts and started swimming laps when the weather turned warmer, you should aim to keep up these good habits by finding winter fruits you love and an indoor pool to keep up the activity you enjoyed. If you want to keep the weight off after summer, it’s essential that you don’t switch back to your pre-summer habits as this will undo all your good work. Of course, you can also pick up new healthy habits by embracing the changing seasons and the activities they allow you to do that may not have been possible in the summer. From hiking through beautiful forests of changing leaves in fall, to skiing in the mountains in winter, there’s always something fun to look forward to!

2. Eat Seasonally

Maybe salad isn’t so appetizing in the winter but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a range of delicious healthy and warming foods in the coming colder months to help you keep the weight off after summer. What’s on your plate should ideally reflect the time of year and the seasonal fruits and vegetables it brings; not only is it cheaper to eat this way, it’s also healthier to eat in harmony with nature, as this means you’re getting the nutrients most required at that time of year. So, as the summer draws to a close, make the most of the in-season cantaloupe, mango, watermelon, green beans, huckleberries, nectarines, okra, sweet peppers, raspberries, and tomatoes, and look forward to the tastes that are at their best during the coming season, including cauliflower, pumpkin, sweet potato, pears, quince, pomegranate, kale, parsnips, and cabbage.

3. Inspire Your Future Self

You know that feeling after a great workout? Yes, you’re sweaty and tired, but you also feel like you can do anything! Not to mention, you’re super smug about how many reps you did, how far you ran, or how you kept up with the instructor’s complicated moves.  Well, write those feelings down to give yourself inspiration for when the weather looks a little too grey for a run or getting out of a warm bed to go for a workout is the last thing you want to do. Don’t let those feelings of achievement fade with the summer sun; if anything, you need that post-exercise boost even more in the colder months to lift your mood and help to protect yourself from getting sick. Keep these inspirational words close to hand or in your phone to read when you need a reminder and you’ll be sure to keep the weight off after summer!

keep the weight off after summer

4. Don’t Hide

As soon as fall hits we tend to wrap up in layer upon layer, making it easier to ignore the weight gain if we let our good habits slide. But you’re not going to let you good habits slide, so stop hiding away! For our physical improvement and psychological health, it’s important to appreciate your body and the amazing things it can do, plus, learning to love your body also helps you to lose more weight! Take a few moments for yourself each day for a little pampering, ideally after your shower when you’re warm enough to stay in the buff for a few minutes. Massage in some body lotion and take a look at the progress your making; flex those muscles you’re building, and check out how those squats have helped lift your butt – you’re doing this for you so it’s only fair that you get to look at the pay-off from those hours at the gym and the healthy eating you’re keeping up!

5. Get A Boost

Depending on when you started phentermine, you could still be riding high on the energy boost and appetite suppression or you might be experiencing the common reduction in effectiveness. If you feel that phentermine isn’t helping you as much as you would like, then now is the time to do something about it, before you go into hibernation mode and give up. Letting things slide as the fall approaches can be a slippery slope as before you know it, it’s the holidays and you’re putting off getting back on track until the New Year. To give your phentermine a boost we recommend the weight loss supplement Phen Caps, which can be taken in conjunction with phentermine for added appetite suppression and energy. It’s also a good idea to supplement your healthy eating with multivitamins, particularly in the colder months when you’re more susceptible to illnesses. We recommend Phen Vites, the premium multivitamins which include high quality weight-loss nutrients such as 5-HTP, vitamin B12 and chromium as well as all the vitamins you need for good health to help you feel great as you lose weight! With this extra help, you’ll be so much more likely to keep the weight off after summer and go into the holiday season an even healthier and happier you!

Do you have any tips to help keep the weight off after summer? Let us know by commenting below!


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