How Do I Know If Phentermine Is Right For Me?

If you’ve been searching for a solution to help you lose weight, then it’s likely that you will have looked into the possibility of taking diet pills to give you the results you want. Phentermine is the leading weight loss prescription medication in the US, but you may be wondering if phentermine is right for YOU. Here we explain how phentermine can help you lose weight and if it could be the solution for you.

How Does Phentermine Work?

As great as it would be to take a pill that melts away our body fat, unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that. Phentermine isn’t a miracle pill, but our success stories show that phentermine has given many people a chance to lose weight who had previously struggled to do it alone. Phentermine works by releasing neurotransmitters which suppress hunger signals in the brain, causing you to feel full and helping you to experience fewer cravings. As well as reducing appetite, phentermine is also a stimulant which helps to keep you motivated and focused by boosting energy levels. The added energy and reduced hunger mean that you should find it easier to establish a healthy routine of eating well and adding more activity into your daily routine, therefore making you more likely to successfully lose weight.

Is Phentermine Right For Me?

If you think that you could benefit from added help and support while trying to lose weight, then you should speak to your family doctor to see if he or she thinks that taking a weight loss medication such as phentermine could be the answer. Your doctor might decide that phentermine is right for you if you fit into some or all of these categories:

  • Obese BMI Score

Generally, phentermine is only prescribed to those who are considered ‘obese’, which is most often measured by a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI), a calculation of weight in relation to height. A BMI score of over 30 indicates that you are obese, as is the case for 1 in 3 US adults. When establishing if you are obese or to what extent, your doctor may also measure your waist; those who are overweight but with an above-average waist measurement may also be considered at risk of weight-related health problems, and therefore more in need of help to lose weight.

  • Lack Of Success With Diet And Exercise

In addition to being an effective weight loss medication, phentermine comes with potential health risks and a range of side effects, plus it is known to put added pressure on your heart. For this reason, phentermine is generally only prescribed to those who have previously attempted weight loss with diet and exercise. If you are obese, it’s likely that you have tried to lose weight previously, but a lack of long term success would indicate that you could do with an added energy boost and help with appetite control. Your doctor may therefore decide that phentermine is right for you as a way to help you achieve the weight loss success that you have not been able to achieve alone.

  • Difficulty Controlling Appetite

Many people find that phentermine is right for them as it enables them to control their appetite – an overdeveloped appetite is often the main reason they find it hard to stick to a reduced-calorie diet. If you’re used to eating 3,000 calories a day, it’s obviously going to be difficult cutting down to half that, so phentermine can help you to establish healthier eating habits without you having to feel constantly hungry. Emotional eaters or those who eat out of boredom will also find that they are more able to break their bad eating habits due to fewer cravings and strengthened satiety signals in the brain.

  • Fulfill Health Requirements

Even if phentermine is right for you due to your problems with obesity and appetite control, your doctor will only prescribe phentermine if you meet certain requirements. Firstly, phentermine can only be taken by those over the age of 18. Phentermine is also not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, nursing or intending to become pregnant. In addition, phentermine may not be suitable for you if you are taking certain medications, or if you have certain health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, among others.

phentermine is right

If your doctor decides that phentermine is right for you, then you will be given a prescription with advice about diet and exercise. Your doctor may decide to prescribe you generic phentermine, a brand of phentermine such as Adipex, or a phentermine combination such as Qsymia. You should always follow your prescription instructions, with respect to dosage and when to take your phentermine. In order to get the most out of your phentermine prescription while you have it, you can find lots of great information about how to lose weight with phentermine on our phentermine blog, including specific advice about diet, exercise, and phentermine-related news and facts. You can also find support and share questions with the members of our Facebook support group if you are unsure about anything or need advice.

What Results Can I Expect With Phentermine?

Depending on your lifestyle prior to taking phentermine and the changes you make once you start, such as if you greatly increase your water intake, it is often possible to lose several pounds in the first week as your body sheds unwanted water weight in addition to fat. The results you can expect during a 12 week cycle of phentermine vary due to individual differences between patients, but this guide to the stages of phentermine will give you an insight into how you will progress and what you should expect to experience. The recommended weekly rate of weight loss is one to two pounds; this steady rate ensures that your body is losing fat and not precious muscle, which your body needs to retain in order to assist with fat burning. Losing one to two pounds per week is also a rate which is achievable in the long term once your phentermine prescription has finished; phentermine is recommended as a short term weight loss aid to help you to get on the right track, and is therefore usually prescribed for a 12 week period, sometimes with a break and then a further 12-week prescription if deemed necessary.

Although there will be a finishing point for your phentermine prescription, there is no such finishing point for following a healthy lifestyle. In order to continue losing weight or to maintain the weight you have lost, you will need to be mentally and physically fit and strong in order to continue a healthy lifestyle once your prescription ends. It is only by ensuring that you have taken your time on phentermine to adopt healthy habits and learn healthier ways to live, that you will be able to avoid the yo-yo effect of regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose.

What Are The Downsides?

Phentermine is usually only prescribed for short periods due to the effects it can have on the body, including a potential to put pressure on the heart and cause a variety of side effects. The side effects include dry mouth, mood swings, and insomnia – you can find advice related to how to combat the side effects of phentermine here. The majority of phentermine side effects should decrease over time, but if you experience any concerning or unpleasant side effects then you should speak to your doctor immediately.

Phentermine is also not something that can be taken long-term as it becomes less effective as your body gets used to the medication. One way to ensure that phentermine continues to work for you, is to combine your phentermine prescription with Phen Caps, the phentermine alternative recommended by us here at Phen Caps can help enhance the effects of phentermine while you are taking it, or as you come to the end of your prescription. Like phentermine, Phen Caps help you to lose weight at a steady rate by suppressing appetite and boosting energy levels, so you will be able to continue with your weight loss journey even after your phentermine prescription has finished. Similarly, if your doctor decides that phentermine isn’t right for you, then Phen Caps are the ideal non-prescription alternative to phentermine.

So, do you think that phentermine is right for you? Let us know if you have any questions about phentermine as we’re always happy to offer advice and help to our readers!

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  1. Just took my 1st dose of phentermine and am super excited to see how much I can lose and change my bad habits!! My meals are my priority at this point and need to get the exercise in… I don’t eat seafood so chicken and pork it is for me… Meal advise is the best help I need…

  2. Cindy – I too just started phentermine but this is my second go round! My advise to you for meals is to keep things low carb, so no pasta, rice or bread. I found some really great recipes on pinterest – Good Luck!

  3. I have been prescribed phentermine 15 mg capsules….but I have been afraid to take them because I have heard bad things…I need to loose off my lower abdomen & hips…can anyone tell me if it is safe & I have never taken them before…I am 54 & just afraid of it lol…but I can not take this weight heaviness..plz help.

  4. I just finished my first month of this medication and lost 11 lb.I am shocked but very motivated to continue. It does make me very thirsty and has curbed my appetite. I am 57 years old and need to loose 75 lb

  5. I have been on it for 12 weeks and have lost close to 40lbs. It’s hard, but eliminate bread, pasta, rice.
    The only side effect I’ve noticed is dry mouth, so I do drink s lot of water throughout the day which is a good thing.
    Best of luck

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