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10 Healthy Habits To Boost Phentermine Weight Loss

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In our goal to lose weight we often focus on big changes. But sometimes it’s those little tweaks to our everyday routines which can really make the difference. And, often these small changes are much easier to put into practice too. Here are ten healthy habits to get you started!

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

First things first, when it comes to healthy habits, you have to start the day right. Skipping breakfast forces your body to run on empty. With no fuel for the morning, your body thinks that there are lean times ahead. In preparation, it turns your metabolism right down and clings onto any fat (your body’s favorite fuel) that comes its way, i.e. you are less likely to lose weight. Not to mention, skipping meals is a surefire recipe for cravings. If your excuse is a lack of time, check out these quick breakfast options.

2. Write A To-Do List

Having your daily tasks written down is one of the best healthy habits to get into. Not only does it keep you focused, a list also allows you to prioritize the most important things, stopping you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Furthermore, ticking off completed tasks will give you sense of accomplishment that will boost your motivation in other areas of your life, including your weight loss journey.

3. Don’t Grocery Shop Hungry (Or Stuffed)

You’ve probably read that you shouldn’t go to the supermarket when you’re hungry as you’re bound to come home with a few unhealthy treats. For those reasons this is good advice, but, it’s also a mistake to go grocery shopping with a full belly. If you’re feeling stuffed, it’s hard to anticipate how hungry you will get. This means you’re not in a good place to plan ahead with filling meals and healthy snacks that will keep you from ordering a take-out or hitting the vending machine. Leave it a while after your meal to head to the supermarket, and if you do feel a little hungry then opt for a small healthy snack to keep cravings at bay while you browse the aisles.

4. Put Your Fruit On Display

Studies have found that the food we can easily see around our home directly influences are diet choices. So, to help you get into healthy habits like eating more fruit, you should make sure that it’s out on display. That way it’s super easy to grab some fresh fruit when you’re sat at the breakfast table or looking for a snack. The same goes with fruit which needs to be kept in the fridge – make sure it’s within easy reach and you’ll be sure to reach for it more often.

5. Stock Up On Pantry Supplies

With all that empty space in your cupboards you’ll have room to stock your kitchen with nutritious food, making it easier to establish healthy habits. Having a well-stocked pantry makes it easier to avoid the lure of the take away menu. So, every time you do your grocery shopping, make a point of getting a tin, jar or packet of healthy food – think lentils, whole grain pasta, tinned tuna, and brown rice. That way, you’ll never run out of these basic supplies, which, with the help of some veggies, are the essence of many simple and healthy dishes.

healthy habits

6. Put It On A Plate

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t eat standing up, but since many of us are guilty of the bad habit of mindless snacking when we’re on the couch or sat in front of a computer, the sitting down isn’t always so much of an issue. When you feel like a snack, take a plate and build a mini-meal which combines fiber, protein and healthy fats; think whole grain crackers with peanut butter, vegetable crudités with a spoonful of hummus, or Greek yogurt with some fresh raspberries. Not only will you be much more satisfied with these types of ‘mini-meals’, the empty plate will serve as a reminder that you’ve eaten so you’re less likely to go back for more.

7. De-Clutter Your Home

Your environment is crucial to your mood and stress levels, which both affect weight and your ability to lose it. So, organize your wardrobe, clear out the spare room, and throw away out-of-date food in the kitchen. Trust us, you’ll feel much better afterwards, and it will keep you occupied for a while. With a de-cluttered living environment, you’ll be much better able to concentrate on establishing a calm living environment and a more organized routine, meaning less stress, a happier you and more weight loss!

8. Add To Your Recipe Repertoire

Make a point of learning some healthy simple recipes that you can whip up in around 30 minutes or less. These days we have access to a lot of recipes online, many of them with reviews and added tips. So it’s easier than ever to find ways to incorporate healthy foods into simple tasty dishes. Also, by learning how seasonings bring out flavor, you won’t have to rely so much on salt, fat and sugar. You don’t have to be an amazing cook, but having a few fail-safe recipes ensures that you won’t get bored with the same dishes over and over.

9. Serve At The Stove

Plating up your food in the kitchen is one of the best healthy habits to stop you from overeating at mealtimes. Since phentermine is such a strong appetite suppressant you’re probably not even particularly hungry. However, food on the table encourages us to finish what’s in front of us, as we were taught growing up. Leave the leftovers in the kitchen and you’ll be far less likely to go back for extra helpings. Try and opt for smaller plates too, so your brain is fooled into thinking that you’re eating bigger portions.

10. Go To Bed Earlier

Being sure to get good night’s sleep is one of the best healthy habits for your mind and body. If you’re experiencing the common phentermine side effect of insomnia then read these tips to help you sleep better. As we explain here, sleep balances important hormones which control hunger and satiety; when you skimp on sleep your tired brain has to struggle with false hunger signals too. This doesn’t mean that you can skip your morning workout in favor of a lie-in though!


So, here you have ten great ways to help you get more out of phentermine. By rethinking how you buy, store and serve food, and planning ahead you can lose weight without even trying! If you’re still looking for a way to boost your results then we recommend adding Phen Caps to your phentermine. By suppressing appetite without side effects, Phen Caps are also one of the best healthy habits to get into!


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