How to Handle Your Break from Phentermine

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Although phentermine is very useful and effective in assisting weight loss, it is important to remember that it is recommended for short term use only. For this reason, it’s necessary to take breaks from phentermine in order to ensure that your weight loss journey is a healthy and successful one, as explained here. Although the thought of a break from phentermine might fill you will terror at the prospect of having to go it alone, taking some time off from your prescription can really help to give you the skills and confidence to reach your ultimate weight-loss goal and maintain your new weight for good. Here, we explain how you can ensure that your break from phentermine is a success.

Tip 1: Exercise

Including exercise in your phentermine plan is essential as exercise helps you to achieve more efficient weight loss, plus, exercise is consistently found to be the key to long-term weight loss. By giving you a boost of energy, phentermine helps to motivate you while you establish a routine of exercising throughout the week. By finding activities you really enjoy, whether it’s yoga, weight-lifting or running, you’ll be more motivated and inspired to continue your routine for good, long after your phentermine prescription has ended. Exercise gives you so much more than aiding weight loss, including a positive mood boost, better overall health and resistance to infections, and a toned body; why would you want to give that up just because you’re on a break from phentermine? So, get your sneakers or your bathing suit on and find an exercise you don’t want to take a break from.

Tip 2: Healthy Eating

Much like getting into the habit of exercising, it is important to establish a routine of healthy eating while you are taking phentermine. Phentermine suppresses appetite and reduces cravings, which therefore allows you to concentrate on eating healthier, but the key is establishing good habits, which make it easier for you to do this. Planning ahead is crucial; always bring portable healthy snacks, plan your weekly meals ahead of time, only buy healthy foods and cook in batches. This way you’ll be prepared when hunger strikes, and won’t have to resort to ordering take out or heading for the vending machine. By consistently reaffirming these healthy habits, they will become part of your usual routine, and sticking to healthy eating will be that much easier, even while you’re on your phentermine break.

Tip 3: Handle Withdrawals Like a Pro

As phentermine is similar in structure to amphetamine, as well as causing side effects, when you stop taking it you can experience withdrawal symptoms, including insomnia, fatigue, weight gain and low mood. The best way to limit the possibility of experiencing these symptoms is to follow your prescription and the advice of your doctor, and also to report any changes or concerns to him or her, such as a reduction in effectiveness or new or unusual side effects, which can all be signs of potential dependency. Additionally, as well as eating healthily and exercising, you should prepare yourself for the inevitable break from phentermine by using it as a tool to help you achieve a maintainable healthy lifestyle, which includes establishing a good sleeping routine and taking the time to relax and look after your own well-being and emotional needs, preparing yourself for your phentermine break.


Tip 4: Get In Touch With Yourself

You are your most powerful weight loss weapon, so it is important to recognize your strength of mind and body, and that phentermine is merely a tool to help you express the possibility in you. Maintaining a routine of eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and taking the time to relax all help you to achieve the balance in your life that is necessary for success, whether it is in weight loss or other goals you wish to achieve. Focusing inwards by taking time out to meditate, do yoga or even read positive books can really help to calm and motivate the mind, while also being healthy for you as you strengthen your inner mindset. By building this into your routine while taking phentermine, you will recognize how you are more than capable of handling your phentermine break.

Tip 5: Help from Phen Caps

Phentermine is a prescription-only medication, due to the effects it can have on the body, such as the potential to increase blood pressure and put stress on the heart. As an amphetamine-like substance it is also addicting, which causes the body to become used to it, rendering it less effective over time. Taking a break from phentermine means you give your body a chance to recover so that phentermine can again be effective in future. However, taking a break can be difficult after you have worked so hard to establish a healthy routine; a great way to continue this balanced routine is to use a weight loss supplement such as Phen Caps to manage your phentermine break. Like phentermine, Phen Caps suppress appetite, reduce cravings, and increase energy, meaning that you can continue to lose weight on your phentermine break. And, as Phen Caps don’t contain phentermine, they have no known side effects and aren’t addicting, and therefore they don’t interfere with you body’s recovery from phentermine.

Although taking a break from phentermine is inevitable, there are many ways to ensure that you can continue to lose weight during your break, even without the added assistance of phentermine. Making sure that you establish a healthy routine while you are taking phentermine means that you will be in a better position to handle your break, including any potential withdrawal symptoms as well as the possibility of returning hunger and a decreased energy level. However, you don’t have to go it alone on your break; the phentermine alternative, Phen Caps, offer you the opportunity to continue benefiting from a suppressed appetite and an energy boost while you’re on your break, ensuring that your break from phentermine doesn’t mean taking a break from weight loss!

Is your phentermine break coming up, or are you taking a break right now? Or, do you have any great tips of your own for how to handle a break from phentermine? Let us know by commenting below.


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  1. I have taken phentermine 2 or 3 separate times now and have lost weight while taking it, however when taking a break from it, my appetite skyrockets to more than before I was taking phentermine. I feel so out of control and gain more weight back than what I had lost.

  2. I need a Dr that will prescribe this medication in san Antonio near zip code 78222. thank you so much

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