Guide to Weight Loss Tips from Around the World

Weight Loss Tips Around the World

Obesity is a global problem; there are very few corners of the Earth where weight loss hasn’t become a priority for health reasons.

Unsurprisingly then, different countries and cultures have their own little tricks to fight against being overweight. Here we’ll show you some of the best!

Spice up your life!

This tip comes from India’s delicious and renowned curry. Turmeric, the spice, is well-known for that yellow color in Indian curries and its flavorful contribution to the food.

But it’s also gained some popularity in recent years due to the effects of one of its active ingredients in it: curcumin. Studies have shown that curcumin may help regulate lipid metabolism (or, in other words, burn fat!).

Try using this spice as a calorie-free alternative to traditional ingredients such as oil, butter, or salt, and enjoy a delicious meal…that will also help you control your weight! Click here to learn more about other spices that help you lose weight!

yummy breakfast

Start the day right!

Germans love efficiency, which might explain why around 75% of the German population puts such a huge emphasis on breakfast! They are fond of having healthy meals made of whole grain cereals and bread, fruits, tea or coffee, and fruit juice.

Research has shown that if you skip breakfast, your brain will have stronger cravings for high-calorie foods throughout the day.

This means you will be tempted to get one of those huge donuts or a slice or two of pie to make up for skipping breakfast. So wake up, sit down and enjoy a great morning meal! Check out our article on healthy breakfast ideas to eat on phentermine too!

Time for Tea!

Time for Tea!

Rooibos Tea. This sweet nectar comes directly from South Africa, and it’s a robust, naturally sweet tea. Research has shown that it’s not only good for your immune system but also helps with weight loss!

First of all, since it’s naturally sweet, you don’t have to add any sugar, cream, or honey to it. This means you can have many cups of this tea throughout the day and avoid all those liquid calories we usually take in with regular coffee or tea!

Besides that, rooibos’ primary flavonoid is aspalathin, which helps to reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage.


Come On, Light My Fire

Thai cuisine will rarely be accused of being mild. In fact, most dishes go from spicy to downright sizzling! All thanks to the presence of tasty-hot peppers and chilies. The benefits of having these scorching dishes are two-fold. First, spicy peppers increase the body’s metabolism and fat-burning mechanisms.

At the same time, the heat slows down your eating speed, which helps your body recognize that you’re getting full before you devour everything in sight! Oh, and the spice will probably make you drink more water, which is always good (and helps with satiety, too!).

Varied Feast

Smorgasbord of quality, not quantity

Our next tip comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. In Japan, they’re well aware of the role of synergy between dishes to optimize digestion.

For example, if you’re having oily foods in Japan, chances are that it will come with a side dish of mushrooms, radishes, or other foods that will help your body digest those oils.

Another important lesson from Japanese eating cuisine: eating habits are not only what food to eat, but also how much! Basically, it’s a form of portion control.

A Japanese meal may consist of various dishes, but each one will be presented in small quantities. Or at least smaller than if you just filled one plate with a steak and a heaping of potatoes or vegetables, which we tend to do in the West.

extreme commute

Body Movin’

In contrast to the United States, people in other countries are more used to walking or biking around when going to work or doing errands. In the Netherlands, for example, bikes outnumber people!

You can’t change the way public transportation works in your city, but you can make changes to your lifestyle and incorporate more physical activity into it.


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And if it IS possible for you to adopt the habit of walking or biking to work, be ready to watch those pounds drop: you can burn up to 500 calories per hour just by biking alone!

There are many, many more habits and ‘tricks’ people worldwide follow (consciously or not) that lead to natural weight loss. But that doesn’t mean other countries don’t have to worry about obesity.

On the contrary, obesity is a global problem that has grown widespread in our sedentary societies! Luckily, phentermine weight loss treatment can be found outside of the United States and is quite popular too!

To learn more about phentermine in other countries, check out our guide to phentermine around the world!

If you have encountered other weight loss tips or tricks from other countries, please share them with us by commenting below!

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