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family support phentermine

When you’re a parent and you decide you want to lose weight, you know this decision will impact your family and that there are many things to consider in your family life.  Your family can be a great help while you’re on your weight loss journey with phentermine; when you become truly committed and focused, it’s very important that your family support you and become committed with you. Here, we have some ways for you to all work together towards your goal weight, and how your family can help you achieve this with support while on phentermine.

1. Plan Ahead

Losing weight is all about planning ahead, and it starts with setting your goals and planning your method of action. Although you may feel like these goals are personal to you, it’s important to you and to your family that they feel included, and that means telling them what you want to achieve and why, and how you’re planning on doing it.

You also need to be realistic with yourself and your family, and tell them what you want from them to help you. Being as specific as possible really helps focus them and yourself, so rather than setting vague goals like, ‘Do more exercise’, tell them, and yourself, that you aim to walk your 10,000 steps each day. Then, let them know when you achieve it and when you don’t, making sure to keep them updated so they can help motivate and encourage you.

2. Get Everyone Involved

Getting your partner and your children involved by going swimming and for walks together, plus other activities like playing sports, will be fun for them and you, and they can really feel like they’re helping you achieve your goals. What’s more, you will all be getting healthy together, which should also be an aim of your weight loss journey. Cooking healthy food doesn’t have to be all about counting calories either; let your kids be creative in the kitchen and show them how fresh healthy food can also be fun by getting them to help you make new dishes, or invent their own smoothie recipes.

3. Share Success

Enlist your family to be your own personal weight loss cheerleaders; tell them how much their encouragement means to you and let them know how much hearing their supportive words encourages you. Keep a weight chart in a prominent position in your house to keep you focused and motivated, and let your family see your excellent progress.

A great idea is to save a certain amount of money for every pound lost and celebrate together when you reach a milestone. Depending on their ages, your children may not understand exactly what your weight loss journey is all about, but they will respond to seeing you happy and positive. This is especially true if you make it into a game by asking them to set goals and make guesses, where the winner gets to choose what activity you do with the money you’ve saved.

3. Stick to a Shopping List

Before you go shopping, write out a list of healthy foods, and even account for how much of everything you’ll need in order to prepare certain meals for the coming week, which will save you time and make avoiding the temptation of a take away much easier if you’ve got everything in stock. If possible, it’s also best to try and do the shopping on your own so you won’t be persuaded to get unhealthy treats by your children, or your partner! If your family wants their favorite treats, ask them to shop for them when you’re not with them, and to put their treats somewhere you won’t see them – out of sight, out of mind.

4. Make Substitutions

Gradually make substitutions with all the family’s food and drinks that the family won’t necessarily notice. You can switch to low-fat milk, olive oil, low-sugar low-fat yogurts, natural peanut butter, healthier cereals, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice. If you make these changes slowly and don’t broadcast them, chances are that the family won’t even notice.

food compromise

5. Win by Compromising

Let other members of the family have some say in what they want to eat for at least two days of the week. This will help them to feel included and rewarded for being part of your plans. During these two days, you can still keep your weight loss goals by eating smaller portions, making healthy substitutes just for yourself, and if you’re eating out, you can look for healthier options on the menu.

6. Special Occasions

If a special occasion is coming up, such as a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day, ask your family ahead of time to buy you a small gift of flowers instead of chocolates or a cake. Give them some options that you would really like, such as a gift card for the hairdressers – something that you can enjoy which won’t spoil your weight loss intentions. It’s important not to feel guilty about this; you’ll be giving them great ideas and helping yourself too, and they’ll be happy to support you and give you something you really want.

6. New Priorities

When you embark on a new chapter of your life, some of your family members may not be as supportive as you had hoped, and starting a weight loss journey is no different. Some people may be doubtful, feel that you’ve changed, or even be jealous of your success. As hard as it may be to ignore their negative comments, you owe yourself more than that – this is your body and your life, and they need to accept your new priorities. Try to spend more time with your supportive family members and let your weight loss success show your doubters how serious you are; if they really want the best for you, they’ll come around eventually.

7. Plan B

Getting help and encouragement from your family is important, but it’s also good to connect with others outside the home, too. Many studies have shown that those who have extra support while they’re trying to lose weight are usually more successful. Teaming up with a buddy or a work colleague who is also trying to lose weight is a great way for you to support each other, and you’ll have someone else to be accountable to who knows what you’re going through. Depending on your family alone can sometimes be stressful on everyone, and outside help can help keep things in perspective and take pressure off your family. We have a great Facebook support group for you to find online support from other people losing weight with phentermine.

While you’re on your weight loss journey with phentermine, it’s important to feel that you have people supporting and encouraging you, and your family will be only too happy to help when they see how focused and committed you are to your new goals. Getting everyone involved and excited about your journey also helps you feel more positive about the changes you’re making when you can all share in your success as you hit milestones along the way. Let us know all about how your family supports you on your weight loss journey by commenting below, because remember – we’re all in this together!

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