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5 Foods To Boost Metabolism With Phentermine

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Your metabolism and how fast it runs is the key to losing weight. To boost metabolism with phentermine and speed up your weight loss results, drinking plenty of water, exercise, and eating the right foods can all help. But when it comes to speeding up your metabolism, not all foods are created equally; these five foods will help you to boost metabolism with phentermine so your body can work faster to help you lose more weight!

Boost Metabolism With Phentermine

While phentermine effectively boosts energy levels and suppresses appetite to help you get active and eat better, there are certain foods you can eat which give you a helping hand to boost metabolism. Your metabolism is basically the efficiency of your body to turn food into energy, and certain foods can help this process if they contain certain nutrients or combinations of nutrients. Here are five foods which will help to boost your metabolism and keep your body’s engine working to burn calories and give you more energy:

1. Eggs

Eggs are in most ‘superfood’ lists as they score high for important B vitamins, contain fat-burning choline, and are also a great source of protein, with a good protein-to-calorie ratio at one gram of protein for every 13 calories. Protein helps to boost metabolism as it helps to build muscles, which are like a furnace for fat and calories; adding to your lean muscle with weight-bearing exercise leaves your body with a fired-up metabolism ready to burn those calories and increase your phentermine weight loss results. The protein content also means eggs help to stabilize blood sugar levels, keeping you feeling fuller for longer and better able to resist cravings. Eggs also contain iron, which is one of the weight loss nutrients your body needs to function at its best in order to boost metabolism and keep it speeding along long after you’ve eaten. Eat eggs for breakfast as a great start to the day or make a frittata and take a slice to work for lunch.

2. Chilies

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland – you can add another dimension to your healthy home cooking with a host of herbs and spices, many of which actually aid weight loss as they boost metabolism! The same can be said for chilies which contain capsaicin to give them a fiery flavor, and which also increases your body temperature to fire up your metabolism. Or, to boost metabolism even more, add Phen Caps to your daily routine to experience even more weight loss success. Like chilies, Phen Caps contain ingredients which cause a thermogenic heating effect to boost metabolism as well as ingredients which activate your nervous system and keep your metabolic rate running smoothly. Chili peppers also pack more vitamin C than oranges; vitamin C is essential for fighting the stress hormone cortisol, which causes your body to break down muscle and store fat – especially around your stomach. Vitamin C helps to stop this happening, meaning your body can remain the lean mean calorie-burning machine that you’re working towards.

boost metabolism

3. Green Tea

Green tea is famed for its metabolism-boosting properties; the antioxidant polyphenol found in green tea helps the dissolution of the harmful fatty acid triglyceride, therefore helping you burn fat and calories, while EGCG helps to speed up metabolism and the catechins help to burn abdominal fat. It has been found that consuming two to four cups of green tea per day can burn an extra 50 calories through its combination of caffeine and antioxidants – so make sure to drink a few cups each day. Or, you can try the new weight-loss-boosting Phen Drink which contains green tea and EGCG to boost metabolism and help with weight management. Sweetened with lo han fruit and stevia, Phen Drink has the fresh taste of sweet green tea with guarana to add a fruity flavor to your water to add interest to your eight glasses a day, and as a cure for the common phentermine side effect of dry mouth, so it’s a win-win!

4. Salmon

Along with other oily fish like tuna, salmon is a protein powerhouse, so you feel full for longer and for very few calories; a 3oz fillet of salmon provides 22 grams of protein (close to your daily target), and all with only 4.5 calories per gram of protein. So, like eggs (see above), the protein in salmon helps you to build the muscles which feed on the calories you consume, meaning a faster metabolism and more fat burn! Salmon is also full of omega 3 fatty acids, which improve insulin sensitivity, helping you build muscle and decrease belly fat, and lastly, salmon is a good source of iron, an essential weight loss nutrient that keeps your metabolism running smoothly.

5. Dark Chocolate

Yes, we saved the best until last! Dark chocolate helps to reduce stress levels, which cause a sluggish metabolism. Stress is a major factor in weight gain and can cause an inability to lose excess weight as many people turn to food as an emotional reaction to situations, and many unhealthy food cravings are often as a response to stress. Furthermore, stress increases our cortisol levels which then causes us to gain fat, particularly around the belly, the most dangerous place to carry excess fat. So, if you are having a bad day, a few squares of dark chocolate really will help you! Furthermore, the taste of melting chocolate on the tongue can cause your heart to beat faster than the embrace of a passionate kiss, which will certainly get your metabolism racing!


Working hard to build muscles while eating foods like these to boost metabolism will make losing weight with phentermine all the more possible. And, with a better, more efficient body, your speedy metabolism will have no trouble helping you to maintain your goal weight long after your phentermine prescription has come to an end!

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4 Responses

  1. Well after month one of my phentermine I am down -13.2 lbs, a little tweeking with my exercise plan and my diet and I hope to lose maybe a little more next month! Yay GET FIT!!

  2. Im 51 years young.i recently paid my doc a visit at 176lb pounds was a no no for a woman only 5\’5 nope well i started on august 4th im down to 170lb..i came to a stop walking my muniscus mucle will have to get repaired soon still doing arm weights and eating right.god is good so i dont see myself slowing down

  3. I started on Aug. 8, 2015 at 5\’3 186.5 lbs. Today, Aug. 22, 2015 I am 181.5. Down 5. I also receive B12 shots every other Friday. I work out 4-5 times a week. Working out has never been a problem for me. ITs the eating :-)! Now that I am choosing better things to eat, it has become routine and part of my daily life. I am experiencing dry mouth especially after I workout. I have always been a huge water drinker so this isn\’t a big issue. My problem is I am EXTREMELY tired ALL THE TIME!!! How do I make this go away? I am reading about phentermine giving you energy. That has not been the case for me at all. This is why I decided to take B12 shots and I am still fatigue! Any suggestions????

    • Hey Tanya,
      That’s great that phentermine is helping you, but it’s not uncommon for people taking phentermine to actually feel more tired – this can happen with stimulants although doctors have difficulty explaining why this happens. Do you get enough sleep? You need 7-8 hours a night, so this could be a factor if you’re sleeping less than this. Otherwise, we’d advise eating enough carbs to provide energy for your workouts, lots of fruit and vegetables, plus good sources of protein like fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.
      Hope that helps!

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