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How Do I Cope With Dry Mouth on Phentermine?

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One of the most common phentermine side effects is dry mouth, medically referred to as xerostomia. Weight loss medications like phentermine, particularly those with stimulant components that are structurally similar to amphetamine, promote this feeling of dryness in the mouth as an unfortunate side effect of the weight-loss boosting effects of appetite suppression and additional energy. To help you overcome this side effect, we have a list of great ways to help put a stop to the dry mouth feeling so that you can concentrate on losing weight and feeling great.

1. Drink Water

Along with the dry mouth side effect of phentermine, you can experience extreme thirst, so drinking lots of water is essential.  Drinking water is also a great way to suppress hunger and help your body regulate itself more efficiently, increasing metabolism and decreasing bloating. Make sure to always have a bottle of water with you to help keep your mouth moist and quench your thirst.

2. Chew on Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing on sugar-free gum or sucking on sugar-free candy helps you to produce additional saliva, and as a dry mouth can sometimes lead to bad breath, the fresh taste of mint-flavored chewing gums can help to banish this problem.

3. Maintain Good Oral Health

Regular checks at the dentist and regular brushing, flossing and rinsing ensure good oral health and are an important part of your overall health. However, a dry mouth can sometimes lead to additional problems such as ulcers or sore gums due to a lack of saliva in the mouth, so make sure not to neglect your oral health while you’re focusing on getting healthy to lose weight.

4. Add a Room Vaporizer

Using a room vaporizer, particularly in your bedroom where you’ll spend a solid block of time sleeping, can help to add moisture to the air, help with dry mouth and aid breathing.


5. A Breath of Fresh Air

Make sure to breathe through your nose as much as possible and not through your mouth, as this can worsen the problem of a dry mouth

6. Use a Saliva Substitute

Using an over-the-counter artificial saliva substitute or mouth gel can help to limit the dry feeling in your mouth.

7. Try Phen Drink

This new product from, the makers of the #1 phentermine alternative, Phen Caps, is specifically designed to help relieve the dry mouth side effect of phentermine. Phen Drink comes as a powder in handy stick packs, which is dissolved in water to add a great green tea flavor to your eight glasses a day while also boosting saliva flow and quenching the often insatiable thirst that can be a side effect of phentermine. You can find out more about this new product here.

Although the dry mouth side effect of phentermine can often be uncomfortable, these great tips should help you to ease the symptoms. However, if you are finding it difficult to cope with dry mouth or any of the other side effects of taking phentermine, the phentermine alternative Phen Caps offer the same weight-loss boosting effects of appetite suppression and a boost of energy, without any side effects.

Are you experiencing the dry mouth side effect, or do you have any great tips for how to resolve this problem? Let us know by commenting below.

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