8 Ways to Burn Christmas Calories With Phentermine

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Sadly, many people cannot have Christmas without weight gain. It’s like a Christmas tree with no presents, or a fire place with no stocking. But, to save you from giving up your much-loved yuletide treats, here are some ways you can counteract the tempting treats and use the energy boost that phentermine gives you to burn Christmas calories the festive way!

Power Shopping

Facing the crowds and carrying all of those bags of gifts sure does get your heart rate up! While pushing a shopping trolley up the aisles for around half an hour will burn over 100 calories, this number will surely increase at Christmas time, since you buy so much more! Make sure you pack your own shopping at the checkout and take your goods to the car, remembering to take your trolley back, all to boost your calorie burn further. As for the inevitable Christmas present rush, although it does no favors for your bank balance, it can really help your waistline; a recent study found that the average shopper walks 20 miles and can burn up to 1,500 calories doing their Christmas shopping!

It’s a Wrap

Now that you’ve got all your gifts, wrapping them at Christmas is an essential, but it can be a lot more productive than you think. Wrapping presents for one hour can burn 120 calories, and if you choose to wrap all of your gifts in one sitting, then you will burn more calories than you’d expect, so get organized and set some time aside to wrap them all in one go and burn Christmas calories while you work!

Deck the Halls

You may not think decorating your house for Christmas is a particularly strenuous task, but it sure does burn those calories! Hoisting yourself into the attic and carrying heavy boxes full of baubles and ornaments definitely plays its part in the Christmas calorie burn off, not to mention lugging the tree into your home from the car! This all equates to a lot of heavy lifting, bending and stretching, meaning you’ll burn around 350 calories and tone up, too, while you get your house ready for Christmas.

Rock around the Christmas Tree

All those party invites not only make you the popular one, but also a calorie burning machine! Just half an hour on the dance floor burns around 200 calories, but go all night and you could end up burning a lot more while you have the time of your life, showing off some of your best moves!

holiday skiing

Get Your Skates On

As well as being a super fun and festive activity, ice skating is also great for a Christmas calorie burn off. Whether inside or outside, you will burn over 350 calories for every hour you’re on the rink – and even more if you’re always having to get yourself back up after a few slips on the ice! You may even be able to skate a bit longer than normal, since phentermine gives such an excellent energy boost. Keeping yourself upright and using your core muscles for balance will also tone you up nicely, making for a fun workout without you even knowing!

Snowball Fight

Release your inner child and join in on a snowball fight with your kids or friends, and remember how fun it used to be to play around in the snow. All that running, dodging snowballs and laughing burns around 180 calories per half an hour and gets your heart rate pumping enough to really warm you up on a frosty day.

Clean Up Act

Cleaning up after all those parties or before your guests arrive will definitely burn Christmas calories. Changing bed sheets, tidying away and sweeping up all that Christmas glitter will all get your heart rate up, so get cleaning! Dusting for half an hour burns around 80 calories, while mopping for 15 minute burns around 70 calories. Vacuuming for 30 minutes will account for around 120 calories, while the same time spent ironing will burn around 75 calories. You may as well put that extra energy from phentermine to use and get your house looking tip-top for the rest of the festivities!

Waiting for Santa

You’re going to be pretty exhausted after all that decorating, shopping and partying, but even when you finally get some shut eye on Christmas Eve you are still burning calories. An average night’s sleep of around eight hours can account for over 400 calories, which is more than enough reason to help you get to sleep before Santa Claus arrives!

Wow, now don’t all of those activities make the holidays seem a little less daunting when it comes to calorie intake? If you actually do all of these fun things, you may just be able to have an extra cookie or serving of Christmas pudding! Most importantly, with the help of phentermine, you will have more energy to get active and the appetite control to resist those tempting Christmas treats.

How do you plan to counteract your Christmas calories this holiday season? Let us know by commenting below!

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