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8 Awesome Weight Loss Gadgets of 2017

Every day someone comes out with another wearable or gadget to help with weight loss. From tracking watches to magic shirts, weight loss technology is constantly evolving. Here’s our favorite weight loss gadgets of 2017!

1. Moov Now Fitness Tracker

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Want to jump on the wearable technology trend, but don’t like idea of everyone knowing? The subtle and effective Moov Now tracker may be your solution! Unlike most trackers that are worn on your wrist or clipped or your clothes, Moov Now goes around your ankle. This allows the gadget to count your steps more accurately, while also keeping your tracking discrete. The tracker works in conjunction with an app on your phone, so it’s easy to view your progress anytime. Finally, if you decide you want to wear the tracker on your wrist after all, this versatile band gives you that flexibility.

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2. Stealth Trainer

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Do you yearn for a beautifully sculpted six-pack, but can’t bear the boredom of seemingly-endless crunches and planks? This Kickstarter-funded product has you covered! Stealth is a movable table that works with your smartphone to make planking into a video game. Basically, this product transforms the workout classic into a modern playtime. Simply open the Stealth’s app, place your phone in its designated space in the board and get in plank position. From there, you can maneuver through the games by engaging your core to tilt the board. Say goodbye to boring ab workouts and hello to six-pack abs!

3. Smart Rope

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Did you love Skip-It (that plastic, light-up, spinning toy from the 90s) when you were a kid? If so, check out Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope! Jump rope is a fat-torching workout, and this gadget helps make exercise fun again! The Smart Rope counts your jumps as you go, and lights up with LEDs in case you want to jump at night. The website reports that future updates to the rope will also enable it to count calories and other fitness information. No more boring jump rope!

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Going to the gym is inconvenient, and sometimes downright impossible to fit into your schedule. Thankfully, XBAR fitness invented a gadget that brings the whole gym to you. It’s a durable bar that connects to resistance bands, which allows you to work-out multiple muscle groups all with the same piece of equipment. Better yet, the inventors have recently improved their original product to make it more lightweight and portable. Whether you work out at home, in the park or on-the-go, this accessory puts a whole gym in the palm of your hands.

5. HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is critical to weight loss. If you’re taking phentermine and struggling with dry mouth, growing dehydrated only makes things worse. Still, it can be hard to remember to drink water – especially when we’re busy! So, that’s where the HydraCoach water bottle comes in. This piece of smart tech can calculate your water needs, track your intake and motivate you to drink more. If dehydration is one of your main weight loss struggles, check out this gadget! The first wave of bottles sold out fast, but there are more in production and they’re expected to become available again online and in-stores by the end of the year.

6. Meal Measure


We’ve heard it a million times…. Portion control is the key to healthy eating. Still, no matter what they say, it’s way easier said than done. If you’re always tempted to take an extra-large helping of pasta at dinner, this product is for you! Meal Measure is a plastic mold that you put on your plate while you’re serving up a healthy meal. It guides you to eat in-line with the USDA’s dietary recommendations (MyPlate) by allowing for two fruits or veggies, one protein and one starch – all in reasonable portions. This one is definitely a keeper if you’re still struggling to eyeball healthy portions at mealtime.

7. Bluapple


Busy days make for lazy nights, and lazy nights mean microwave popcorn (or a meal replacement shake) sounds a lot more appealing than prepping all that fresh produce you bought last weekend. If this scenario plays out too many nights in a row, all-too-soon that deliciously fresh produce is rotting in the bottom of your fridge. Bluapple can help solve your dilemma of spoiled produce! The website claims that this invention can extend the life of your produce by up to 3x by absorbing troublesome ethylene gas. By removing the problematic gas from your produce drawer, Bluapple slows the ripening and spoilage of your fruits and veggies. So, next time you stock up on tasty produce, consider throwing a Bluapple in the cart too!

8. Weight Loss Apps

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Last but certainly not least, don’t forget the power of a great app on your phone! Here’s a list of five popular – and super useful – apps that you can download to help you along your weight loss journey. From food trackers to at-home workouts, these apps will give you the direction and structure you need to get the ball rolling!

Have you heard of any cool weight loss gadgets recently? Or do you have one that works for you? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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  1. A user looking to lose the weight requires to follow the strict diet and should do exercise on regular basis.
    Some of the weight losing gadgets shown above are really very helpful.. With the help of these applications or gadgets, users can get the correct information regarding the same and they can implement for better results.

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