6 Diet Fads We DO NOT Recommend!

6 Diet Fads We DO NOT Recommend

The good thing about taking phentermine is that there is no specific diet or exercise plan you should follow (but you SHOULD follow one); you just gotta find the one that works best for you!

With summer right around the corner, we understand if you’re in a hurry to lose pounds ASAP. However, before you jump on that crazy new diet bandwagon, let’s take a look at some of those wacky diets out there…and why we recommend you steer clear of them!



Raw fruits, vegetables and grains. Sounds as pure as healthy as you can get, huh? Supposedly, heating and cooking certain foods is bad because it destroys nutrients and natural enzymes….But the truth is, many foods are more easily digestible and safer overall after being cooked. If the vegetables and grains are not cleaned properly, there is a risk of food poisoning too. And bear in mind that the super restrictive plan will probably force you to get vitamin and nutrient supplements for all the food you’re not eating.




Also known as ‘breatharian-ism’ or Pranic Nourishment, this diet claims our bodies can get nourishment from the sun. Although serious devotees also supplement the ‘solar diet’ with exercise and healthy eating, this ‘diet’ has already claimed at least one life—a Swiss woman starved to death in 2011 while ‘living off sunlight alone’.




Basically a quick-fix diet involving fasting and liquids during a full or new moon—there are longer versions that specify eating plans for the different phases of the moon. But overall, you only end up losing water weight, and according to the experts, all that work was for nothing, because just like the moon, you’ll be full and gaining it all back soon enough.



Guess who is NOT a baby anymore? That’s right! YOU! And your caloric intake is way more than the paltry amount you will find in those little jars anyways. Plus, do you really want to be known as the Gerber guy/gal in your workplace? Leave the baby food to actual babies and find other ways to control your daily calories.




Nothing says desperation like considering infesting your intestines with parasitic worms. First of all, intentionally turning into a parasite AirBnB can complicate your health in ways that you probably didn’t realize when you ingested those tapeworm eggs (they can migrate to other parts of the body or cause you more harm than intended), but the net gain is—well, negligible. Basically, NOPE!



Consuming cotton balls soaked in orange juice. Yes. That’s a thing. Supposedly made up by ‘models’ (but in reality, probably born on some deep, dark corner of the internet), this wacky fad just guarantees you will end up in the hospital. No nutrients and to top it off, blocking your intestines with cotton balls—most of which aren’t even made from cotton but synthetic fibers?!? Hard pass, folks.


By now you should be getting the gist of it: there is no ‘easy fix’ to lose weight! Even while on phentermine treatment, we should strive to find a proper, healthy lifestyle—exercise and balanced nutrition are key here.

So, forget about quasi-mystical rituals or extreme quick-fix diets and focus on real, lasting change to your nutrition. Check out our blog on Low Carb diets vs Low Fat diets for ideas and tell us what you think about diets in our Facebook support group!


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