5 Phentermine Weight Loss Lessons

phentermine weight loss lesson

It’s all very well for us here at phentermine.com to offer you tips about how to succeed on phentermine, but the best source of advice has to be those who have been there and done that, namely the people who have contributed to our phentermine.com Success Stories. We’ve gathered some of the best advice they offer to compile five phentermine weight loss lessons so that you can achieve your own success story too!

Phentermine Weight Loss Lesson 1: Do It For You

All of our success stories started with a different motivation, be it wanting to get healthy for their family, or because they saw a photograph which made them realize just how much weight they had gained. However, no matter what your reasons for wanting to start, you have to lose weight for you – and we don’t mean the person you see in the mirror or even the person who those close to you know and love, we mean the ‘you’ inside. This is what makes you the person you are, and that person deserves to be healthy and enjoy life to the fullKristy, who lost over 40lbs on phentermine says, “Always remember that you deserve to feel good and feel like you could walk for days without being tired. You deserve to be healthy and no food is worth that.” By making the right choices you are choosing right for your health, your body, your wellbeing – for you. Although your loved ones will support you, and you may find motivation in wanting to prove your doubters wrong, at the end of the day it’s you who will benefit from your weight loss and you who will lose out if you don’t take the opportunity to do so. As Victoria, who successfully lost an amazing 77lbs on phentermine, says, “You are the only one that can do this for you.” However, Neva, who successfully lost 47lbs with phentermine, urges that you asses where your desire to lose weight is coming from before you start; “It works only if you are ready; you can say it in your mind but if your heart is not ready, it will not work.” So, do it for you and do it from the heart.

Phentermine Weight Loss Lesson 2: Know Phentermine’s Limits

You’re ready for weight loss and your doctor thinks that phentermine is right for you, but it’s important to recognize that phentermine isn’t a miracle pill and that it’s you who will be doing all the hard work. Sarah lost over 30lbs in two months on phentermine, but urges, “You need to try – it’s not going to come off on its own. Phentermine is not a magic pill, it just helps you learn how to eat better, but if you don’t try you won’t lose weight.” Kim, who lost 59lbs on phentermine, echoes this point; “It is hard work. Phentermine is not a magic pill….YOU have to do the work, the pill is just a tool to help you reach your goal.” But don’t worry, it’s not all bad news – making the right choices with the help of phentermine will inspire you to genuinely want to continue making these healthy choices, as Alyssia explains; “I finally realized that I am much happier trying to stay with my lifestyle than sitting on the couch eating.” Shawna, who dropped over 40lbs with phentermine said the same; “Once you’ve started noticing a difference, you’ll be more willing to eat right and you’ll be so proud of the loss that you will even WANT to get out and exercise!” And that same positive attitude and motivation to live a healthier way of life can continue to inspire you even after your phentermine prescription has finished, as Jenn says, “I have since stopped taking Phentermine and continued counting calories and working out several times a week, and in the last month I have still lost weight!” So, be prepared to work hard, but remember that it will be worth it in the end, and as Kim points out, “As they say, nothing worth having comes easy.”

Phentermine Weight Loss Lesson 3: Take It Slow

When it comes to getting started, many of the success story contributors have one main piece of advice, best summed up by Kerri, who lost 33lbs In her first 3 months on phentermine; “Stay true to your diet and yourself but don’t cut out everything at once – it will make you go crazy and failure follows.” So, before you sign up to any extreme diets to try and lose weight as quickly as possible, take a step back and think for a minute – does something done fast usually last? While phentermine makes it easier to resist the unhealthy foods you used to eat, it’s well documented that too much sacrifice leads to resentment and heightened cravings for the things we’re denying ourselves, leading to slip ups, binges or just giving up altogether. The best way to stop this cycle is to forget any ideas of ‘dieting’ and instead make small and permanent changes that you’re confident you can live with for good. Many of our success story contributors make this point, including Joanne, who says, “Stay positive and don’t think of it as a diet. Think of it as you being in training for a new and healthier you!” Kim explains, “For me, and many others, this is not a “diet”, it’s a complete lifestyle change. You have to learn a new way of eating”, and Danielle urges, “Stop dieting! Make over your life.” Of course, you have to really make an effort to lose weight, but any diet or weight loss program that you find miserable will only backfire, leading to yo-yo weight loss and a seriously slowed-down metabolism. So, take it slow but make it count, and as Kim says, “You won’t believe how wonderful you will feel. It’s truly been an amazing experience.”

weight loss lesson

 Phentermine Weight Loss Lesson 4: Be Patient

Weight loss is hard, and even when you’re doing everything right it can still seem like you’re going nowhere. For this reason you need to be less scale-focused when losing weight with phentermine, as Ireen urges; “Be patient, phentermine works differently for everyone. Do not obsess over weighing yourself every day, because on days where you don’t lose anything, it will bother you mentally. I went from weighing in daily, to weekly, to every other week or when I felt like my jeans fit differently.” Learning to count all your victories is an important part of this, so be sure to celebrate when you make a healthy choice you wouldn’t have made a couple of months ago, when your clothes fit better, when you run further or faster, or when you realize that you just feel better. Of course, by all means celebrate those scale drops, but don’t make it the be-all-and-end-all of your weight loss journey, and see every pound loss as a step in the right direction. Mary, who lost 77lbs with phentermine, says, “Just hang in there, it is possible. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you put the effort in, it will happen one pound at a time”, and Alyssia advises, “No matter what your loss is, whether it’s 1, 2,or 3 lbs, it’s a loss. Don’t get upset over small losses because it’s better than the scale going up, but don’t always concentrate on the scale, make sure to measure your inches as well.” Slow progress doesn’t mean no progress, so it’s important to remember that it’s just “a delay in results”, as Alexandra puts it. In addition, losing weight slowly isn’t actually a bad thing, as scientific research into weight loss consistently shows that slow and steady progress is often more successful in the long term, and, long term is where your real focus should be, as Alyssia explains, “I don’t care how long my journey may take because I know, like all things in life, I will be rewarded eventually.”

Phentermine Weight Loss Lesson 5: Don’t Ever Give Up, Ever

Giving up on your weight loss journey means giving up on this chance to lead a healthy life, and possibly on your future too. If you’re struggling then by all means change your diet, if you’re bored of running then switch to swimming – changing the way you lose weight is one thing, but giving up altogether is never the right choice. As Mandy, who lost 50lbs with phentermine, explains; “I look back now and think “What if I had quit?” I wouldn’t be this happy and I would still have the weight on me.” Even if you do have a bad day, there are all the days after that to put it right – make that one bad choice appear insignificant when compared to all the good choices you’ve made before and since. As Robert says, “Don’t ever let one step back determine your steps forward.” If you’re not getting the results you wanted, continuing on your weight loss journey will be a struggle but a positive attitude will always triumph. As Kevin, who lost 126lbs with phentermine, says, “Don’t ever say you can’t do it! If you have that attitude you’ll always be 100% right. Don’t ever give up and never stop striving for your own personal goals!” It won’t be easy, and it might even be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but, as Kim says, “Stick with it, even when you feel like giving up…..don’t. You won’t regret it. Like I said before, it is hard work, but it is soooooo worth it.”

Are you feeling inspired by these phentermine weight loss lessons? Please let us know what you think by commenting below!

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  1. I started phentermine 1 year ago. I have lost 120lbs and over 40 inches over all. I feel so much better. I have to admit I’m terrified it’s going to come back or I’m going to stop losing. With determination I believe I can lose another 80lbs this next year in my own. My goal is 200lbs by the end of 2016.

    1. Hi Moya,
      We’re not sure about the laws regarding phentermine in Italy but it’s likely that it is a prescription-only medication, as it is in the US. Have you tried speaking to your family doctor to see if you can get it on prescription? Or, if not, there may be weight loss clinics in Italy where you can go and speak to weight loss specialists.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  2. I live in Quincy, California. My health care professional is not interested in prescribing any weight loss drugs. Do you have recommended doctors that will prescribe? I have 30 pounds to lose and am really struggling with weight loss even with diet and exercise. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Suzanne,
      Your best bet is to join the Facebook support group where you can chat with others taking phentermine. There, you can search for your town and see if anyone has asked about it previously and if not then you can post a question asking if anyone knows of a doctor in your area. Good luck with your search!
      Sally, phentermine.com

  3. Hi everyone,
    I’ve just been reading the above posts about ordering online. I have just placed an order on this website and it didn’t mention anything about laws. Or doctors prescriptions?! Have I ordered off a dodgy site? It was through this site?

    1. Hi Allison,
      This site, phentermine.com, is a reference site with information about phentermine, including FAQs, blog articles and reviews. We don’t directly sell anything and we make it clear that phentermine is a prescription-only medication. However, we do provide links to other sites who sell phentermine alternatives such as phentarmine and phen caps. None of these are the same in terms of ingredients as the phentermine you would get from your doctor but they are a viable alternative for people unable to get a phentermine prescription. If you feel that you’ve been misled then we would advise you to contact the site you purchased from.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  4. Hello I started taking phentermine close to five years ago I lost 52 pounds in about 5 months I kept the weight off for about 3 years then I gained back 20 pounds. I have gone back to taking phentermine but I am not getting the same results. I have never really stopped taking it completely for the past two years I just take it for a couple weeks when I feel like I have gained weight. So i would like to know if this pill is not going to do anything for me anymore or if there’s something that I can do to make it work again??

  5. i have been on phentermine for 2 months now. I was losing weight and now for the last 2 weeks i cant lose any more. i have a fit bit and walk 20 to 27,000 steps a day. i also take 5HTP with it. I am drinking tons of water and eating much better. I feel as i should have lost more weight then i did as it was 12 pounds in 5 weeks then 2 pounds. and the last 2 weeks nothing. i am unsure why i stopped losing . I feel as i cant get in anymore steps then i already do. Any advice also i am 47 years old. that could be a big part since i am older. I am 5ft. 3 and half inches and stuck at 182 pounds. Getting very irritated and about to give up even though i dont want to yet.

  6. My dr Recommended that I take a half dose for 2 weeks to see how I tolerated it. I was a lil shaky the first few days but leveled out. Did not lose a pound, now going on full pill. Anyone had this experience! I do have hypothyroidism and am 55 and post menopausal ? Please let me know!

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