5 CRAZY ideas for your summer vacation!

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Wooo! Summertime means it’s time to dust off those suitcases and go on a vacation! Taking phentermine during these holidays? Instead of going to Aunt Hilda’s cabin by the lake, how about exotic adventures in far-away lands?

And while you’re there, why not look for cool, weight-loss friendly vacation activities to participate in, right?!

Well, here’s a list of CRAZY going-ons around the world that you might want to….skip. Unless you’re feeling particularly invincible, that is.


Calcio ‘Storico’ (aka ‘Brawny Death Match MMA meets Football’)

Where: Florence, Italy

When: June

Calcio Storico Match

A ‘early form’ of football (“calcio storico” means ‘historic football) thought to have originated in 16th-Century Italy (specifically in Piazza Santa Croce, Florence), Calcio Storico is a brutal event that resembles more of a gladiatorial pit or Mixed Martial Arts brawlfest than a football game, although it does involve getting a ball into the opposing team’s goal. Each match lasts for 50 minutes, with no substitutions for injury (or unconsciousness!). Roughly 20% of the participants need hospitalization after the contest.  If you’re not feeling bloodthirsty or toned enough to participate, though, the following option:

Fiesta de San Fermín (a.k.a. ‘The running of the bulls’)

Where: Pamplona, Spain

When: July 7 – 14

San Fermines Running of the Bulls

Yes. You’ve probably heard about this one before. For a whole week, the beautiful city of Pamplona turns into a massive, week-long party of drinking, dancing, and…dodging out of the way of angry, rampaging bulls. Thousands of people from all over the world come to experience the adrenaline rush of being almost-trampled-or-gored-to-death (and if you are one of them, please, make sure you know how to start exercising on phentermine), but many are surprised to find such a raucous party atmosphere that just. Doesn’t. Stop.

Much like the bulls behind you. Run!

La Tomatina

Where: Buñol, Spain

When: August 30 (2017)


If the previous two ‘holidays’ were too rough, how about La Tomatina, the world’s premiere mass food-fight? Held in the Valencian town of Buñol, La Tomatina’s origin is unclear, with the most popular story claiming it was born after locals staged a brawl during the 1945 festival of Los Gigantes (paper mâché puppet parade) and did so by hurling ripe tomatoes until the whole scene escalated into an all-out flying fruit war.

Now, La Tomatina is just the crowning event of a week-long carnival celebrating Buñol’s patron saints (the Virgin Mary and St. Louis Bertrand) with music, fireworks, street parades, biiiig paella servings and finally, a massive tomato-throwing extravaganza where EVERYONE gets caught in the crossfire. Plan on getting soaked and socked by the red fruit…or is it a vegetable? (If you’re a vegetarian, you probably don’t care either way, and know all about dieting while on phentermine)


Where: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

When: July 11-13 (2017)

mongolian wrestling

If you feel that gladiatorial football, bull-outrunning and tomato-slinging are not sufficient to truly test your skill and proficiency, there’s always the Naadam, a traditional Mongolian festival, also locally called the ‘eriin gurvan naadam’ or THREE GAMES OF MEN. These ‘games’, held throughout the country during midsummer, are Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery.

Hundreds of men (and recently, women—in archery and horse riding) compete against each other across all the provinces in Mongolia for a shot at the top titles, which include colorful names as ‘Avarga’ (‘Titan’) in wrestling, ‘Tumny Ekh’ (‘Leader of Ten Thousand’) in horse racing and National Marksman (or Markswoman) in archery.

Tourists CAN wrestle in smaller soum (county) naadams, which have more relaxed rules, but bear in mind no foreigner has yet to win a soum naadam…although the title of Soum Elephant awaits if you do! (There ARE easier ways to stay on track during a vacation while on phentermine though.)

Quyllur Rit’I

Where: Mahuayani, Peru

When: July


How about escaping the melting summer heat and visiting the Quyllur Rit’I (Star Snow Festival), one of the oldest religious, spiritual celebrations of the indigenous people of the Cusco region in Peru?

The site of the festival is difficult to get to, and definitely not for the faint of heart – the pilgrimage will take you through the imposing, extreme altitudes of the Andes Mountains, across seemingly-endless icy trails and glacial streams. The celebration climaxes with a procession winding up the Sinaqara mountain to pray at the summit and ask for ‘wishes’ to come true (a family, a house, a job, love) before a daylong dancing ‘party’ ensues.


You know something? Aunt Hildie’s cabin by the lake is looking mighty cozy now. Mmmaybe spend a healthy 4th of July with your family and friends? Regardless of whether you choose to stay at home or travel abroad for these death-defying festivities, it’d be a good idea to check these 10 tips to avoid vacation weight gain. Have fun, and stay safe!

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