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Welcome to Phentermine.com - The weight loss site and support forum for Phentermine and non-Phentermine users!

Since its beginning in 1999, the Phentermine forums have now grown to a special community of over 35,000 people, who visit these forums to share with others their weight loss experience, as well as to give and receive weight loss support, motivation and advice!

Just by looking through the forum posts on the trials and tribunals of our members' weight loss journies - whether they are taking Phentermine or not, show that a vital part of successful weight loss is due to positive support and motivation. And hence the constant rise in members joining our forums.

There are seven Phentermine forum categories, related to general weight loss experiences with Phentermine and Phendimetrazine (a popular substitute for Phentermine), meeting people, Phentermine success stories, and general weight loss health information. But don't just take our word for it - see for yourself! If you are trying to lose weight, and need some support, a friend to share your experience with, or just some information from those who've been through it all, well, we're absolutely certain that you won't regret stopping by the Phentermine forums!

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