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    Just looking at our beautiful, clear sky this am brought tears to my eyes. I feel so blessed today. I woke up in a warm home, with plenty of food in the pantry, and able to worship God in any way I wanted. Plus best of all, my loved ones are safe.

    Several years ago, I lost my home and all my belongings in a house fire. I learned VERY fast, what meant the most to me. It taught me not to let material things mean too much in my life. And believe it or not, I wouldn't go back and change it. Not only did it humble me, but I was able to see the Lord's hand at work. One by one, He removed each of us out of the house. I can remember feeling wonderfully blessed then too. Even though I lost her 13 years ago, my mom's words still come to me, "Lane, if money can fix it, it's not a problem!"

    I don't ever want to forget the hard times in my life. If I did, I wouldn't feel the compassion that sometimes breaks my heart. But I have learned that scar tissue makes the heart stonger!

    Please know that when I give my thanks to the Lord, I thank him for all of you too.

    Let's take today to bask in the warmth of all of our blessings!


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    Thank you for our many blessings.

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