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    okay I feel really dumb but i can't scroll through the comments. they don't list page numbers and I only can read the first few in each topic. I want to read it all since I am so far away from it (not in heart just in body) and I can't get an english TV/radio station. So this and are it for me. Please someone explain what i need to do or am not doing!
    thank you

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    As you open the area of interest as in where this post is located, to the right you see reply. The number in that area are the replies to the original post. Now your post should say 1 reply after I submit this, unless I type so slow that someone else beat me to it. As far as being able to scroll through the post, you should be able to just hit your down arrow key. If your talking about the list of post in MY EX. With Phen, then at the bottom you should see the pages listed 1 through ? number depending how you have it set on your computer. To determine this look at the top of these post and where it says to show topics from last(?) days. Change this setting so it shows topics for last 30 days and your pages at the bottom will increase. I hope this helps.
    May GOD bless you and your family during this time!

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