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    Default How much did you lose your first week/ month on phen?

    Just wondering how much u guys lost on ur first week and/ or month of phen?
    Age - 21 Height 5'3.5
    SW - 258.4 lbs
    Restarted phen on 10/28/10 @ 253.3 lbs 48.9% body fat
    CW - 240.5 lbs
    lbs lost - 17.9 lbs
    lbs to go (135) - 105.5 lbs

    Mini Goals:
    250 lbs - MET 10/22/10
    240 lbs - MET 11/10/10
    230 lbs
    220 lbs
    210 lbs

    current goal: 229 lbs by November 30st. (11 lbs to go)

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    I didnt do as good as I wanted to but I was only on 15mg
    I lost 4lbs my 1st week
    toal of 6lbs for the whole month

    Height 5'10
    Start Jan 2010 185.8
    Cruise April 2010 177.8
    Current 5/18/10 190.2
    ( went on cruise and since then have lost track of diet and exercise but i am back on track now )

    start weight Jan 2009 241.8lbs
    1 year total Dec 2009 185.8
    total lost 2009 56lbs

    was size 18/20 now size 12

    goal weight 175lbs 50lbs lost 15lbs to go

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    Only been on it 2 weeks.
    4lbs the first week, my second week 3 lbs...

    Created by - Easy Calorie Counting

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    19 lbs the first at 3 mo and 3 weeks in ive lost 60 lbs total...yippee!

    Mini Goal 225 by July 12th, gotta look good in my Maid Of Honor dress for my sisters wedding
    Current Weight 5-16: 238.2, off phen 3 days
    CW 5-23 back on phen 4 days, 236, down 60 lbs officially, 40 more to goal
    CW 5-24 234.4 wooo 1.6 lbs in a day! (TOMs coming soon though)
    Stopped Phen again, 1 week wasn't long enough off
    CW 6-11 230 TOMs gone, back on phen again, checking at Dr mon 6-15
    CW 6-12 228, 3 lbs from july 12th goal

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    WEEK 1: 12 lbs.
    1st MONTH: 21 lbs.
    2nd MONTH: 15 lbs.

    It really weirded me out that I lost that much so fast.
    Water weight? Perhaps.
    About a month before I started phen, I had started eating right (1200 calories, only whole grains, natural foods) and doing wii fit (pretty easy workout) 30 minutes a day.
    I barely lost that month. I have a super slow metabolism, I starved myself most of my life, but have also been obese most of my life.
    I'm not the 'norm', but there are other women like me.
    I think my first week on phen was really the result of my previous month's hard work combined with the kickstart to my metabolism (from the phen).
    It helps that I started soooo heavy, too.
    When I vacuum I burn as many calories as most people do taking a jog. Lucky me.

    I seem to lose in spurts- I drop like crazy- then come to a stand still for at least a week.
    I assess my habits then change up my routine... and so far, I plateau when I don't eat enough. I have struggled with this concept my whole life, so it's taking a while for me to really 'get it'.

    250 lbs. by Sept. '09
    170 lbs. by Sept. '10

    02/16/09 332 'rock bottom'
    03/20/09 327 Started Phen
    03/27/09 315
    04/11/09 308
    04/21/09 306
    05/30/09 285
    06/30/09 273
    07/18/09 268...64lbs. GONE!!!

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    I lost 13 my 1st month.

    1-15-09 SW 213
    2-11-09 200
    3-11-09 194 ONEDERLAND!!
    4-11-09 184
    5-11-09 176
    6-10-09 168
    7-26-09 155
    Down 58Lbs 20 to go!
    Bust 39" 33 1/2"
    Waist 46" 37"
    Butt 47" 39"
    Thighs 42" 36"
    Down 28 1/2"
    Starting BMI 36.6
    Currant BMI 26.6

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    If I recall right I lost 9lbs the first week, and 16lbs total for the first month...
    Start 1/1/11
    GW- 160 lbs (hopefully)
    Wt loss to date: -7lbs

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    i just finished my first week friday. I lost 11 pounds and 7 inches off my waist. I think most of it was water weight. I exercise everyday. I think because my start weight was 209 it was easier for me to lose than someone who weighs less than me.

    Created by - Easy Calorie Counting

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