Hi Everyone.... I got my prescription for Phentermine last Tuesday..Took first dose (1/2 of the 37.5mg) pill on Wed. Then Sinus infection hit... I have continued taking 1/2 dose for these past few days, however between being on my monthly, and now the sinus infection... I am not sure how well this is working. I am worried about my blood pressure. Usually normal has been running 133/93. I have a home monitor and have been watching this. I am thinking its a combination of the Phen and all the cold meds I am on that is making it high...but I am supposed to go back in tomorrow to get my blood pressure checked and I am afraid they will tell me to stop the Phen. I have gone from 209-206 in the past 5 days. Not bad with being in bed most of the time :-) Please, anyone who has any experiences with the high blood pressure please let me know...I dont want to hurt my self, however I love the energy that Phen gives me.

Is this normal? Should I be worried?