Phentermine continues to be the most widely-prescribed weight loss medication in the US. But, pharmaceutical companies are continuously trying to develop new phentermine-based drugs to help fight America’s obesity epidemic. The newest drug on the market is Lomaira, which was granted approval by the FDA in September 2016. Here we explain more about this new phentermine product, including the advantages and disadvantages, and who it is suitable for.

What Is Lomaira?

Lomaira, made by KVK Tech, is the latest phentermine weight loss medication to be approved by the FDA. Unlike other recently approved diet pills such as Contrave and Qsymia, Lomaira contains phentermine HCL as its only active ingredient. It is therefore comparable to generic phentermine or Adipex as it is not a phentermine combination nor a new medication.

As a phentermine product, Lomaira works by suppressing appetite and boosting energy levels. The active ingredient phentermine HCL activates a ‘fight or flight’ response in the body. This increases energy and blocks hunger signals from reaching the brain. Lomaira also has the same restrictions and contraindications as phentermine, as listed here, and can also cause the same side effects commonly experienced by phentermine patients, such as dry mouth, headaches and dizziness.

So, what’s different about Lomaira? The main difference  is the dosage it’s available in. Previously phentermine was only available in dosages ranging from 15mg to 37.5mg. Lomaira comes in an 8mg dosage, making it the lowest phentermine dosage available. Additionally, Lomaira is a tablet, whereas lower dosages of phentermine (15mg and 30mg) were only usually available in capsule form.

What Are The Advantages Of Lomaira?

The introduction of Lomaira opens up many phentermine dosing options for doctors. This 8mg dosage is the only strength of phentermine which can be taken up to three time per day. So, while phentermine is usually taken before breakfast, Lomaira can also be taken before lunch and dinner. This means that people who struggle with hunger later in the day can benefit from extended appetite suppression.

Similarly, this medication ensures that patients get a continuous boost of energy throughout the day too. This could be useful for those who prefer to exercise after work but who lack the motivation once the phentermine starts to wear off. And, many people find that low energy levels after lunch trigger sugar cravings, so Lomaira can offer extra help with this too.

Furthermore, phentermine users who find the effects too strong or the side effects difficult to bear could also benefit from low dosages taken throughout the day. This could be particularly helpful for those new to phentermine, who most likely to make enquiries to us at phentermine.com about splitting their tablet in half or reducing their dosage. In addition, Lomaira could be used as a way to gradually decrease a patient’s dosage as they come to the end of their prescription, as a means to avoid phentermine withdrawal symptoms.

In fact, the official website describes Lomaira as a “butterfly-shaped tablet [which] is scored to facilitate administering one half of the usual dosage for patients not requiring the full dose.”  So, even this low 8mg dosage can be split into smaller 4mg dosages for patients requiring very low dosages of phentermine.

Lastly, KVK Tech promote Lomaira as a low cost phentermine drug; through their Lo-Cost Access Program, eligible patients will pay no more than 50¢ per tablet for the duration of treatment.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Lomaira?

In the same ways that Lomaira could work better for some patients, the low dosage might prove ineffective for others. As three tablets per day totals just 24mg, this might not be strong enough for those requiring a higher daily dosage to provide the desired effects of appetite suppression and added energy.

As noted on the PRNewswire site, patients should avoid late evening medication due to the possibility of resulting insomnia. However, since patients are instructed to take 8mg before dinner, they would have to ensure that they eat dinner early enough for the effects to have worn off by bedtime. Potentially, with 16mg throughout the day and then another 8mg in the evening, those taking Lomaira could experience an undesirable combination of reduced effects and then insomnia at night.

Another issue with Lomaira is that taking three tablets per day before meals may not always be convenient for patients.  Many people taking just one phentermine per day accidentally forget to take their tablet in the morning; with three per day, forgetting a dosage becomes a lot more likely. Furthermore, patients may then take forgotten doses later in the day and experience insomnia as a result.

Is Lomaira Right For Me?

Finding the right weight loss medication for you often depends on your preferences and how your body metabolizes the drug. Lomaira would be suitable for you if the following apply:

You experience more cravings and hunger later in the day than in the morning

The effects phentermine are too strong for you or you are particularly sensitive to medications

Due to health issues, your doctor would recommend a lower dosage of phentermine for you

You would prefer to have a steady level of appetite suppression and energy throughout the day; you feel that taking phentermine once in the morning does not provide this consistency of effects for you

Often  you will split your dosage rather than taking a full pill in the morning

You suffer with side effects such as dry mouth, dizziness or headaches but tend not to experience insomnia

You would be able to remember to take one tablet three times per day before each meal

If these sound relevant to you then Lomaira could be the best phentermine brand for you to succeed on your weight loss journey. We would therefore advise you to speak to your doctor about the possibility of taking Lomaira, and whether you can take advantage of the low-cost program.


Have you tried Lomaira, or do you think it could be right for you? Let us know by commenting below.


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  1. How do I order this online

    • Hi Tiffany,
      Lomaira is a prescription medication so you would need to ask your doctor to see if you are eligible to be prescribed phentermine.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  2. Can you give me a list of doctors in st.Louis mo. Would love to try it.

    • Hi Gail,
      I’m afraid we don’t have that information. You should speak to your doctor about trying Lomaira to see if you can get a prescription for it.
      Sally, phentermine.com

  3. I\’m on Lomaira and I love it. No insomnia at all. I take my dinner time dose on my way home from work, usually sitting in traffic. I have lost 9 lbs my first month. I feel good. Will keep you all posted on my results.
    37.5 phentermine, too much (insomnia)
    15 phentermine, not enough
    24 (8×3), just right

    And it\’s .46 cents a pill !!!!!

    • Hello! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!You are welcome to join our brand new support group so you can connect with other phentermine users, share your experience and get some valuable advice. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1069871763087734/

      Good luck!

      Rebeca, Phentermine.com

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