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Despite being the most prescribed weight loss medication in the US, many people are still unsure how to get phentermine. Here we explain the different methods you can use to find a doctor to prescribe you phentermine, and what to do if you’re unable to get a prescription.

1. Speak To Your Family Doctor

Many people in search of a solution to their difficulty losing weight come across phentermine by searching online. However, while phentermine used to be available to buy online, you can now only get phentermine following a face to face consultation with a medical doctor. Here on the blog, we have a lot of information about phentermine and how to get the best weight loss results from your prescription, but first you will need to speak to your family doctor to find out if phentermine is right for you. Your doctor is in a unique position in that he or she is familiar with your medical history and the other medications you may be taking, so he or she is the best medical practitioner to ask prior to searching for alternative options.

If your family doctor considers that phentermine is the right option for you, and they are in a position to prescribe it, then they will give you a prescription with instructions related to how to take it, and recommendations for exercise and diet.

2. Consult A Specialist

However, many people contact us here on and on Facebook every day to explain that their doctor is not able to prescribe them phentermine. While every case is different, a doctor’s refusal to prescribe phentermine could be due to state regulations, the particular beliefs of the doctor, or the health of the patient. Although your doctor may not be able to prescribe phentermine to you, he or she may be willing to refer you to another doctor, such as a bariatric doctor. Bariatric doctors specialize in weight management, and so they use a variety of methods to treat obesity and weight-related issues, including diet and nutrition advice, behavioral therapy, and appropriate medications.

Alternatively, many forum users have been prescribed phentermine by their OB/GYN. If obesity is impacting your fertility or reproductive health, or if you have a related condition such as PCOS, then you may be able to get phentermine through your OB/GYN.

3. Use The Phentermine Forum

If your family doctor won’t prescribe you phentermine and you don’t have a specialist or other doctor to consult, then your next step should be to ask the forum users on If you’re not a member of the forum yet then you can register here. Once you’re in, you can search for previous posts and questions about doctors in your area to see if anyone else has had the same question as you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then you can post your question as a thread, just as many of our forum users do every day.  If you’re not sure how to post, this link explains how to start a thread, and from there you can write your question with information about where you’re looking for a doctor and ask other members for advice and information. Our forum members are always friendly and welcoming, so if any of them can help you with a recommendation then we’re sure that they will reply as soon as they can!

Other users should be able to recommend their own doctor if they live near enough to you, and although you may have to go on a waiting list to get phentermine on prescription from a different family doctor, this is generally cheaper than going to a weight loss clinic. It’s also worth noting that some forum users have reported that they are able to get phentermine through their health insurance, so this is also something that you should ask your health insurance provider about to see if you can save money.

get phentermine

4. Go To A Weight Loss Clinic

If you’re unable to get phentermine through a doctor then a weight loss clinic is your only other option. Depending on where you live it may be easier to find a weight loss clinic than a family doctor willing to prescribe phentermine. However, many patients may find that they have to drive considerable distances to reach their nearest weight loss clinic, as this specialist service tends to be concentrated in more major US cities at the present time.  These clinics specialize in helping patients manage obesity, where some doctors may be bariatric specialists or have additional training in obesity management and health issues associated with obesity. Unless health issues exclude you from taking phentermine, it’s likely that you will be able to get phentermine from a weight loss clinic as the doctors there are more inclined to prescribe weight loss medications as part of their weight management programs. Some weight loss clinics may also insist on additional supplements as part of your weight loss program, such as vitamin B12 shots and 5-HTP to help increase the effectiveness of phentermine. As some weight loss clinics charge patients for consultations, we would advise that you check before you attend your first appointment to find out more about any potential hidden costs. Or, if you want to find out more about a specific weight loss clinic, you could ask on the forum to see if any of the forum users can offer you feedback.

5. Buy Online

While it used to be possible to get phentermine online, phentermine has become more strictly controlled in recent years and is now only available on prescription. You may still see it advertised to buy online, so here we explain more about what you might find if you try to get phentermine online. Although you can’t buy phentermine online anymore, you can buy phentermine alternatives online. These are weight loss supplements which don’t contain phentermine, and so they can be sold online without a prescription. These types of diet pills can vary in effectiveness, and may claim to produce a variety of effects from burning fat to suppressing your appetite. When buying weight loss supplements online we would urge you to find out more about the ingredients of that particular supplement and how they work. And, you should always make sure that the company has a good return policy before purchasing.

If you can’t get phentermine on prescription, then the phentermine alternative we recommend is Phen Caps. Phen Caps have a combination of active ingredients which boost energy and suppress appetite, and they have received a lot of good reviews from customers. Lastly, the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee, including opened bottles, so you can be assured that if you’re not satisfied then you can get a full refund.


We hope that this clears up any questions you had about how to get phentermine, but if you would like further information, don’t hesitate to contact us by leaving a message below!


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  1. can anyone tell me the name of a doctor who will write a script for phentermine? I live in Dallas/Hiram Georgia. thank you so much.

    • Hey Barbara,
      You might have more replies to this query if you ask this question on the forum as this is where most of our users talk to each other and share information. If you’re not a member you can join here:

  2. I\’m amazed at the stupidity, I\’ve seen posted. I was a patient of Dr. Steven Bernhardt for 22 years. In spite of the warnings, I was happy, healthy and functioning very well. We should be able to make our own decisions regarding what we choose to put into our bodies, based on our individual needs. If you fools had kept this information to yourselves, maybe Mustofa and Bernhard, wouldn\’t have been run out of town!

    • I couldn’t agree more! I loved dr Bernard and am very upset that he no longer in practice. Would you happen to know of anyone similar?

      • Miss Dr. Bernard as well

  3. Any Dr that prescribe phentermine in San Antonio

    • Hi Kim,
      The best way to find out is to take a look on our forum to see if there are any threads relating to doctors in San Antonio. If you can’t find any then you can post your own question to our many forum users to see if any of them know of a doctor in your area. Here is the link to register on the forum:

  4. Does anyone know of a Dr in Chicago or suburbs that prescribe weight loss medication?

    • Jorie weight loss clinic. There are 2. One is in oak brook

  5. Does anyone know of a doctor in the Norristown area who will prescribe phentermine.

  6. Does anyone know a doctor in san marcos that will prescribe phentermine for me?

  7. Looking for a doctor in Manchester, New Hampshire that will prescribe phentermine

    • Did you ever find one? I am new to this area.

  8. Any Dr. In the Cape Coral/Ft Myers area.. my doctor will not give it to me. Says he can\’t!

    • Were you able to find a doctor to prescribe phentermine? I’m new to the area and looking for an affordable doctor who will.

  9. Looking for a doctor in Port Saint Lucie, Florida to write a script for phentermine. It only costs $27.63 for a 30 day supply at Walgreens, I’m sick of being robbed by doctors charging $175.00 just to write a script!

    • Hi Linda,
      If you haven’t already posted on there, you might have more luck on our forum with getting a response from other phentermine users. This is the link to sign up if you’re not a member:

      • Did you find a dr near u???

  10. Looking for a doctor who will prescribe phentermine in central Minnesota or Minneapolis area????

    • Hi Aimee,
      If you haven’t already posted this message on our forum, you might have more luck getting a reply there. Click here to register if you’re not yet a member:

  11. I need a doctor in California, near Glendora, San dimas area.

    • Hi Maria,
      If you haven’t already posted this message on our forum, you might have more luck getting a reply there. Click here to register if you’re not yet a member:

  12. Doea anyone know a doctor who will prescribe phentermine in York co sc..I attended and paid a lot to go thru my family doctors program she’s endorsing Slim plate..turns out it’s portion control..she put me on phentermine…when I went back year later for weight she said she doesn’t write that script that side of hall..which is bull she did for year before..wants me to join her program to get it..we’re retired and can’t keep affording out of pocket temp fixes..asked to put me on phemtermine and then run tests..went to ent for hoarseness and found out my thyroid is pretty small. also contributes to weight gain..I’m just getting bigger..she put me on welbutrin for anxiety and acid reflux..although still have stomach burning after I eat. Any help is appreciated.

  13. Anyone know of a weight loss clinic in the Bay Area, CA?

  14. Does anyone know of a doctor in Mississippi who prescribes phentermine? I refuse to go to a weight loss clinic that wants to charge me $150 per month

  15. Looking for a doctor in centreville virginia

  16. Does anyone know a dr. In the Detroit metro area that prescribes Phentermine? Adipex?

  17. Does anyone know a dr that writes out Phentermine in Nashville tn besides the weight-loss clinics? Thanks

    • Dr. Huffnagle out of Dickson but he has several offices .

  18. Anyone know a dr in St. Louis that prescribes phentermine?

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